• Apollo: A powerful Modda'y, he is laid back, less serious, arrogant, self-centered, and cocky, which his warriors follow him for. Although he considers himself a great poet, he is actually really terrible at it.
  • The Warriors of Apollo: They are a group of aliens of various species, that have sworn off Girls and have become Apollo's, their idol, own "brothers" and followers.
    • Hetios, the current Lieutenant
    • Jaheem, the second-in-command
    • Specurs*
    • BOnarch*
  • Time Continuum Task Force:
    • Deck, the leader
    • Infinis
    • Saturn
    • QT-E
    • Gakko
  • [League of Paradoxes: The universal league of Proffessor Paradox's alternate versions responsible for keeping Time safe and sound.
  • The Defectors: They are a defected branch of the Osmosian Royal Family, primarily Rick Sr.'s children.
    • Rick Sr. (Intellect, Electricity and Magnetism): Galvan, Shocksquatch and Bisorvatian
    • Rick Jr. (Energy and Telekinesis): Uxorite and Crystalsapien
    • Erick (Water and Ice): Orishan and Polar Manzardill
    • Baldrick (Strength, Stone): Terrasapien and Vaxasaurian
    • Merrick (Ghost and Fire): Ectonurite and Pyronite


  • Titanic Lords
  • Osmosian Empire
    • Arcmaster: He was the Osmosian Emperor who attacked planet Hathor, ultimately causing the Splixson Genocide.
    • Demonstar: He is Arcmaster's son, and the next Osmosian Emperor after Arcmaster, and is the current Osmosian Emperor.
    • Necropolix: He is the heir to the Osmosian Emperor.
    • Inbenton: He, along with Azeroth, is Demonstar's nephew, and the two are twins. While Inbenton usually uses Brains to fight, Azeroth uses Brawns to fight.
    • Azeroth: He, along with Inbenton, is Demonstar's nephew, and the two are twins. While Azeroth usually uses Brawns to fight, Inbenton uses Brains to fight.
  • Fate Crushers: a chaos-based organization, made by Time Travelers to take down the League of Paradoxes and their obssession with fate.
    • King Orc
    • Kronos
    • Eon
    • Oblivion
    • Eon's Servants

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