Plot thingyEdit

As the episode begins in Ben's bedroom, as he snores.

Ben: *snores* pizza....

His alarm clock goes off, doing such a racket.

Ben bursts awake and blows up the alarm clock with a buzooka.

Ben: Dang, I hate that clock.

He gets up, and lazily checks the calender.

Ben: Meh... Today's Wedenesday... laundry.. new movie stuff... nothing too impor-

STEVE'S BIRTHDAY IS TODAY?! Explosion-emote.gif Explosion-emote.gif 

[Opening Sequence!]

Ben 10!

He's a kid and he wants to have fun!

Ben 10!

But when you need a superhero, he'll cower off and run!

Ben 10!

Despite the muscles he's got on his arm!

He'll fall like a hollow sack from the littlest harm!

Ben 10!

When trouble's taking place,

He'll hide in any vase!

Ben 10!

When his life is on the line,

He'll never cease to whine!

Ben 10!

[End of Opening Sequence!]

He slaps down the watch, transforming.

Way Big: WAY BIG!!!

He shatters the whole house, and roars. He crushes the whole place, and steps on Mr. Baumann's car.

Mr. Baumann: MY CARRRR!

Way Big pees on him, as he gets flooded away in a huge wave of pee.


Way Big: Hehe. Trollface.png

He goes to Gwen's house.

Way Big: Gwen! Curtis!

Kevin: It's Kevin...


Kevin: I don't care.

Way Big: Darkrage.png

He throws Kevin into space and leaves.

Way Big: KK time to tell Rook now!

He, now in his human form goes into Max's Plumbing and uses the toilet and poops.

Ben: ahhh... nothing like some nice pooping.

He flushes, and gets up.

Meanwhile, the poop falls through the toilet and hits Magister Patelliday on the head, causing him to run around in circles.

Patelliday: Not again! Cry.png

Ben goes down in the elevator, and walks by.

Ben: Ohai Patelliday. Nice brown hat. Trollface.png

Patelliday: ITS NOT A HA- Ugh forget it.. Cryemote.png Cryemote.png

Ben walks up to Rook, who's watching Blue's Clues.

Ben: Ohai Rook. Whatcha doin'

Rook: I am watching this very educational show. Did you know blue dogs leave pawprints on random objects?

Ben: Whoa.png No ways.

Ben blows up the TV.

Rook cries and wets his pants.

Screen cuts to Steve's bedroom, as he snores.

Steve: *snores* pizza....

His alarm clock goes off, doing such a racket.

Steve bursts awake and blows up the alarm clock with a buzooka.

Steve: Dang, I hate that clock.

He gets up, and lazily checks the calender.

Steve: Meh... Today's Wedenesday... laundry.. new movie stuff... nothing too impor-

STEVE'S BIRTHDAY IS TODAY?! Explosion-emote.gif Explosion-emote.gif wait, I'm Steve

Ahmad walks in.

Ahmad: Waw.

He swipes away the remains of the clock and puts in another.

Ahmad: Yeah, sure, blow up the clock. How expensive can that be. Its not like someone is working his freaking as-

Steve: Ahmad!

Ahmad: wut

Steve: Check the calender.

Ahmad: Kay.

Ahmad goes to the calender and lazily checks it.

Ahmad: Meh... Today's Wedenesday... laundry.. new movie stuff... nothing too impor-

STEVE'S BIRTHDAY IS TODAY?! Explosion-emote.gif Explosion-emote.gif

Steve: IKR, let's go do stuff for it!

Ahmad: Like?

Steve: First, let's call in the main guests! Timmy and his crew!

Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda and Poof poof in, while Wanda accidentally falls into a paper shredder and gets shredded into tiny bits of sand while no one really cares that she died.

Steve: The TMNT and Casey Jones!

Donnatello, Michelangelo and Casey Jones teleport in while Leonardo and Raphael accidentally get different coordinates and get teleported into an active volanco.

Steve: Iron Man and Thor!

Iron Man waves, while Thor rains down lightning, burning down a poor mailman who was unfortunate enough to exist exactly where Thor lands.

Steve: I also want in Gary Oak and Charizard.

Gary Oak walks in, and waves. Charizard uses SPONTANEOUS AWESOME MEGA APPEARANCE.

Its super effective.

Ahmad: Is that all of them?

Steve: More will come in in due time. But for now, my wishlist!

He unfolds a paper as it unrolls down the floor, out of the room, out of the house, out of the city, out of the state, out of the planet, out of the galaxy.

Ahmad: Well, that's somehting...

Steve: And anyone who doesnt get me presents will be FIRED! Evilemote.png

The crowd goes gasp. OhCrapGuy.png

Steve: Oh, I'm sorry. Did I say fired? I meant, LITERALLY BURNED UP AND EXTERMINATED!!! Evilemote.png Evilemote.png Evilemote.png

The crowd goes gasp even deeper. OhCrapGuy.png OhCrapGuy.png OhCrapGuy.png

Steve: Hehe. Now, announce my birthday!

French Narrator: The president declares a national holiday as the poor minimum wage staff of the goverment continue on to-

Steve shoots the French narrator.

Steve: No politics on my birthday!

He slaughters the rest of the French Narrator's family, including a poor distant cousin who only came to eat after thanksgiving.

Steve: Yay. Tard.png

Cop: Wow, that normally would've been first degree murder of seven poor innocents who probably did no crimes, but since its your birthday, we're not arresting you.

Steve: Cool. B%29_icon.png

Ben and Rook appear, along with Gwen and Kevin who is cuffed to a moving lawnmower. Ben 23 also appears.

Ben 23: Ello.

Brandon: Darkrage.png

He kicks 23 off a cliff. 23 lands in cuddly puppy land and gets attacked by well...cuddy puppys.


Steve: Hai.

Ahmad: Hey Rook. Crazy life, isn't it?

Rook: Hello. It has been a duration since I have seen someone who isn't so mentally retarded.

Steve: HOW DARE YOU!!! Raage.png Raage.png

Steve blows Rook's brains out.

Steve: Alright then, Ben, hand over my presents!

Ben: Your what?


Ben: Uhhhh actuallyyyyyy uhhhhhh


Ben: Derpwut.png

Steve presses a button and Ben's mom appears tied up with a huge pool of sharks below her.

Ben: Oh wow. KK Let's go Rook!

Steve: And as a final thing,

A huge countdown clock lands on Rook's corpse, crushing it. As it begins counting down for 17 hours.

Steve: That's all the time you're getting before my birthday ends! Now shoo!

Ben hurries away, holding some chains that hold Rook's corpse. Ben is seen at Toy'Rus, looking for a present.


He walks out of the store, setting off the alarm. The cops show up.

Cop#1: You are under arrest.

Ben: wut.

He transforms into The Worst.

They all shoot him and the Worst isnt even affected.

The Worst: Trollface.png Trollface.png TROLOLOLOOO

He kicks them all and kills them.

He reverts.

Ben: Ah. Doing the good thing is exhausting!

Rook: You call stealing a barbie dolll and killing the cops that try to stopyou the good thing? O_o.png O_o.png O_o.png

Ben: derp. Derpwut.png

Ed, Double D and Eddy appear.

Ben: Who are you guys? Are you the Jonas Brothers!?

Eddy: On the contrary!! I'm here to offer you a business opportunity.

Ben: I ain't no business guy!

He turns to walk off as Ed eats Double D.

Eddy: No! WAIT!

Ben: wut Derpwut.png

Eddy: If you gave me five hundred dollars worth of property and that nice little thing in your hands, I will grant you IMMORTALITY!!!!!

Ben: Meh idc about living forevah

Eddy: Then... Then... Well, I didn't want to say this before but...

Ben: wut Freaked_out.gif

Eddy: My friend here Ed... has... 

Ben: Spit it out

Eddy: he has uhh.... Cardio- uhhh flameo... uhhh... he's gott uhh... EDRIBIOBRAIN CANCER!

Ben: What's an edribiobrain? Derpwut.png

Eddy: wow you actually managed to repeat the exact word Oh its a very very very very important thing! Without it we will all be giving our stuff and 500 dollars to strangers who lie about their friends having imaginery cancer types!

Rook: That sounds extremely ironic.

Ben: Makes sense.

Ben gives him all he asked for. 


He ran off towards the store but he trips with a shoelace and falls in the sewers where flushed down allegators eat him alive.

Rook: ...what just happened?

Ben: Yo momma Yaoming.jpg

Rook: Dots.gif






Well, I most certainly am not doing good with my life.

Ben: Do I look like I care?

Rook: You look anything but that, I assure you.

Just then, two weirdos and a cat appear.

(Jessie): Prepare for trouble!

(James): Make it double!

(Jessie): To protect the world from devastation!

(James): To unite all people within our nation!

(Jessie): To denounce the evils of truth and love

(James): To extend our reach to the stars above!

(Jessie): Jessie!

(James): James!

(Jessie): Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light!

(James): Surrender now or prepare to fight!

(Meowth): Meowth, that's right!

(Ben): AH! Talking cat!

He transforms into Heatblast amd farts, sending Team Rocket flying.

(Team Rocket): Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again. 

(Ben): Trollface.png

The familiar ding is heard. We now switch back to Steve, who is in the mall shopping with Ahmad.

Steve: Ooh, Pokémon DVD! 

He throws it to Ahmad, and it lands on the huge pile of things he is holding. Ahmad struggles and falls over.

Steve: Hehe, real happy this is all coming from Dakota's credit card.

He moves to the next stand.

Sixef appears.

Sixef: You are pretty!

Steve: Freaked_out.gif I'm not even a girl! ._..png

Sixef: No, you are Misty from Pokémon!

Steve: Dots.gif

Sixef kisses Steve.


Steve shoots Sixef off and Ahmad begins beating up Sixef.

Ahmad: Nuuu he is mine!!

Ahmad continues stabbing Sixef with a crowbar. Stab.gif

Sixef: Nooo! I want herr!


Ahmad throws Sixef out the window, as a truck runs his corpse over and the world explodes.

Steve: Whew, good riddance! 

Albedo appears.

Albedo: Greetings, Steeeve. I have come all the way from Galvan Prime to bring you this,

Albedo gives him an Ultimatrix.

Ahmad: nuuu its a trap

Ahmad feeds a random guy the Ultimatrix.

Random Guy: wu-- (explodes Explosion-emote.gif )

Steve: Ayye, look! Its Albaydo!

Albedo: Freaked_out.gif Its Albedo!

Steve: Nah, its Albaydo. Trollface.png

Albedo: Nooo Cryemote.png Its Albe-

Steve: Nah its Albaydo. Trollface.png Hehe, birthday powahs.

Hulk appears and begins clobbering Albedo.

Albedo: AYEEE

Hulk: Hulk no like Albaydo! Hulk smash Albaydo!

Hulk begins punching Albedo nonstop.

Steve: Hehe. Being evil is fun. XD_emote.gif

Hulk stuffs Albedo into the ground, breaking every bone in his body.

Ahmad: That's... gonna hurt in the morning... big time.

Hulk clobbers seven cars over Albedo.

Albedo: MOMMY Cry.png Cry.png Cry.png

He wets his pants and Hulk undusts his hands.

Steve: Seeya, big guy.

Hulk: Hulk like Steve. Hulk wishes Albedo happy birthday. 

Steve: Np Hulk. 

Hulk walks off.

Ahmad: can we afford him? ._.

Steve: Ah, I sold Dakota's house for that. Funny thing, there was an old lady in there that cried and told us that her son will stop us. Hehehe. We sold her for three cents.

Ahmad: ...that's... something.

Steve: derp Derpwut.png

Ash: Hey guys, I'm As-

Ash blows up.

Steve: Lolnope.

Ahmad: I question your sanity sometimes...

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