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Here I put the collection of my unique, unfamiliar templates, that I made so far, and I will put in the ideas for templates I will make later... You may also give me ideas for new  unique, unfamiliar templates, such as the ones shown below.

All templates here can be used without permission, except if I specifically say you can't use it.

Please note that this page is NOT for ordinary infoboxes or navboxes. You may head over to Cat's Template Shop for that.

Template List (so far)

Emote templateEdit

Template: Emote

My first big scale template, it renders some emotes available on chat on the wiki itself, with examples being message walls, threads, comments, and blogs. It also offers the name of the emote rendered when you hover over it.  Contact me if you want me to add more emotes.

To use, type {{Emote|EMOTENAME}}. Example: {{Emote|smile}} yields Smile.png . Here are some emotes available for render here.

  • {{Emote|grin}} yields Grin_2.png
  • {{Emote|annoyed}} yields -_-.png
  • {{Emote|woah}} and {{Emote|whoa}} yield Whoa.png
  • {{Emote|rage}} yields Raage.png
  • {{Emote|hey}} yields HeyEm.png

ColorLink templateEdit

Template: Template:ColorLink and Template:UserColorLink

This template is meant to make it easier for you all to make colored links faster than before.

To use, type {{ColorLink|DESTINATION|COLOR}}, replacing DESTINATION with the destination of your link, and COLOR with the color you intend the link to be. You may use hexadecimal, but add a # before it first. Example: {{ColorLink|Ripjaws|grey}} yields Ripjaws.

If you'd like a colored user link similar to that of the Admins, which I don't quite recommend, as it is something for the Admins to use to stand out, you may use {{UserColorLink|YOURUSERNAME|COLOR}}. You may also add another | and include the text you want it to show. Example: {{UserColorLink|Ahmad15|red}} yeilds Ahmad15. {{UserColorLink|Ahmad15|red}Ahmad}} yields Ahmad.

Fan List templateEdit

Template: Fan List

It is something that I believe was longtime coming, and it allows for an easy to use Fan List for use by anyone. There is also the possibility to customize it by adding |NAMEOFYOURSECTIONHERE before closing the }} tag. Type in the name of your section. If the section is already called Fan List, you won't have to do that.

To use, create a new section titled Fan List, and type {{Fan List}}.

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More ideasEdit

Suggest some more template ideas, and I will make them. Remember, your suggestions will probably be 

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