Ahmad Clocksmith II, also known as, the Mad Avenger, Ahmad XV, or simply Ahmad, is the main character in Ahmad XV: The Mad Avenger. He is also the currently mainstream Earth-15 equivalent of the old Ahmad 15.


He is a tall, fifteen year old male with a white complexion. He has ember eyes and dark almost brown, blonde hair with the front peeled back like a wave.

He usually wears a red t-shirt with blue strip, and a pair of jeans, and red sneakers.

As part of his Avenger persona, he wears a specifically designed black jumpsuit with red shadings and patterns. He has a disk with an x symbol on his chest. The left and right of the disk in respect of the X are black, while there are glowing red patches below and above his X, similar to a red peace symbol. He wears the two  X-Morpher gantlets.


He, has a dominating, leader personality, and can be serious during battles, although he is rather relaxed and laid back outside battles, laughing to jokes and making puns.

He has a sense of fairness that drives him to do the right thing, and avenging those whose rights have been stripped of them. This is the trait that gave him his alter ego name, "the Avenger".

He also appears to have a much colder dark side, being in extreme rage when angry, and cunning and calculating when holding grudges.

Ahmad is anti-social, and doesn't interact with others unless in rare occasions in which this person is his friend.

He also doesn't express his annoyance at a given insult, resorting to insulting others, with a bad habit of holding grudges. This was the case with Abel Mars, prompting the latter to hate him as well.

Ahmad has an inferiority complex, and feels that he is inferior to others often.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Besides his enhanced amount of intelligence, Ahmad possesses no other enhanced human abilities.

He has the ability to morph his body, using the DNA strands he possesses in his blood stream, into various creatures, fifteen at first.



Ahmad has a physical lack of speed and stamina, leading to poor athletic performance.

He also needs to rely on his alien forms and paraphernalia in battle, as his human form doesn't possess much combat skills.

His transformation abilities are also very limited and untrained, and he might turn into a disfigured, handicapped, version of an alien, without a stabilizing device (the X-morpher).

He also requires his own physical mana and concentration to transform, so he can't hold his transformation for long, and reverts when being knocked out or hurt.


  • Unlike the older version, he lives in America, as his grandfather, Albert Robert Clocksmith I, converted to Islam, dragging along his descendants.
  • Ahmad isn't an Omnitrix wielder. He contains the alien DNA within him, d
  • He is meant to be as flawed as potentially possible.

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