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  • Team XV
    • Ahmad "Mad" Clocksmith aka Avenger XV
    • Skyler Paladin aka Swirlwind (Air Magic manipulator, hailing from Ledgerdomain)
    • Minerva Evans aka Machaera
  • Additional Team XV
    • Phil Caster aka Phantom 
    • Axel aka Ablaze (macho; fire)
    • Natasha "Nat" aka Neuroware (funny and outgoing; psychic powers and emotion induction)
    • Samer aka Savior XVII
  • Watchmakers
    • Albert "Ahmad" Clocksmith Sr.: Ahmad's grandfather, who is the leader of the Watchmakers
    • Robert Alan "Rob" Madison: Ahmad I's mentee and apprentice, who is the second-in-command of the Watchmakers
  • The Watchers
    • Axel aka Ablaze
    • Phil Caster aka Phantom
    • Rachel Summers aka Rose

Recurring CharactersEdit

  • Mortals
    • Arya de Dimolares
    • Elena (later Extremisis)
    • Arena
    • Jenova Paladin
    • Dwayne (later Destructor)
    • Abel Mars (gains a variety of powers later on, becoming a villain)
  • Destiny (former A.S.S.A.U.L.T. operative)
  • A.S.S.A.U.L.T. (Assigned Specialist Security Against Ulterior  Terrorism)
    • Wade James Barton/Warlock (Uxorite DNA)
    • Dr. Dennis Grant aka Dexterity (Galvan DNA)
    • Fiona Stuarts aka Force (Celestialsapien DNA)
      • Faith, voice of compassion and nobility
      • Fear, voice of aggression and  
    • Dwayne aka Destructor (Wreckdozer DNA)
    • Elena aka Extremisis (Nightscream DNA)
  • Heimdall (Paradox-like)


Major VillainsEdit

  • A.S.S.A.U.L.T.
    • Darwin Luther aka Deathbane (Cyborg)
    • Delin Luther aka Demolisher (Explosives specialist)
    • Diana Luther aka Destiny (Martial artist)
    • Crisscross (Christopher Smith) (sniper)
  • Anur Seth aka Storm Lord
  • Chaos D'Void
  • Naeem
  • Dark Bringers
    • Darkchild (pure darkness)
    • Darkside (illusions and shadow copies)
    • Darkshift (monstrous forms) 

Minor VillainsEdit

  • Abel Mars aka Anarchist/Anomaly
  • Crossroads (decisions villain)
  • Extremisis (Nightscream)
  • Destructor (Wreckdozer)
  • Warmonger (cyborg vaxasaurian)

Filler VillainsEdit

  • Supervillain Gangsters
    • Syrio Jonn de Dimolares aka Spinesplitter (Ssserpent's speeches)
    • Victor Burns aka Vapor (Articguana DNA)
    • Bruno Sterns aka Brute (Tetramand DNA)
    • Tristan McFly aka Titan (To'Kustar DNA)
  • Taurus (Tony McLean)


  1. Overtide (Water): water creature who is in suit, and fires water from his ports, and shoots it.
  2. Spectrum (Energy): Pure energy alien, absorbs energy and uses it to do limited builds.
  3. Sideswipe (Speed)
  4. Shockwave (Explosions): tall, explosion causing, creates waves at differing frequencies.
  5. Powerhouse (Electric): 10-feet-tall, plug-hands, tentacles, lightbulb-like head, lightning tail.
  6. Florafaun (Plant): faun alien with limited plant powers through his music.
  7. iDrone (Technology): fires techno-electric laser beams, hacks with his tentacles, regenerates from binary
  8. Wreckdozer (Strength): 14-ft-tall, metal/earth body, metal ballistic fists, a wrecking ball tail, and bulldozer front
  9. Sledgehog (Earth): drill-nose, hammer palms, animalistic form. Seismic sense. Controls earth.
  10. Firebrawl (Fire)
  11. Anthroxin (Acid): slouching, dangerous, poison, acid, goo. He throws acid sacs.
  12. Frostbite (Ice): werewolf-llke, ice-weapon forming dude. Has ice breath too. 
  13. Nightscream (Sound): bat-like, sonic screaming, echo-location.
  14. Astromech (Space): teleportation, gravity, and flight. He throws an anti-gravity disk, and a portal gun.
  15. Exo-Vitalium (XV): controls a weird unknown form of matter that has various effects on living things.


  1. Static (Electric)
  2. Conduit (Energy)

Monster FormsEdit

  1. Frankenstrike (Frankenstein): transylian.
  2. Howlwolf (Werewolf): loboan.
  3. Bandit (Mummy): thep khufan bandit.
  4. Phantom (Ghost): ectonurite.
  5.  (Vampire): vladat. 
  6. Bloodline (Blood): shoots blood blasts, and controls them.
  7. Shadoweaver (Darkess): pure darkness alien.
  8. Deadrot (Zombie): zombie who can regenerate and clone himself from the ground.
  9. Halloween (Fire): pumpkin-like face who breathes fire, and has fire whips.
  10. Bonecrusher (Skeleton): skeleton-like alien who fires bone fragments and uses bones.
  11. Nightcrawler (Spider): spider-like creature with long legs that climbs things and spews energy webs. 
  12. Venom (Poison): Manticore-like alien who shoots poison.
  13. (Golem)
  14. (Minotaur)


Season 1: The Purist FormsEdit

  1. The Reawakened: People are disappearing and reappearing with superhuman powers all across the world, leading to the Watchmakers to assign Team XV to investigate it.
  2. Extreme Countermeasures: Ahmad and Skyler hunt down a demien terrorist cell. Minerva leads a team of Watchmaker rookies in an effort to protect the Watchmakers Headquarters from a powerful demien called Warmonger.
  3. [[]]
  4. The Purest Forms, Part 1: Inflitration: In an attempt to take down ASSAULT, the Team infiltrates their academy and attempt to pass in it. Skyler meets a cute girl named Destiny, who turns out to be current leader Delin's sister. In the end, it turns out Abel Mars has sold them out.
  5. The Purest Forms, Part 2: Holocaust: Continuuing from the past episode, ASSAULT begins its latest attempt to destroy aliens, with it being a machine that wipes out all aliens--even hybrids. After realising this, Abel Mars decides to free the heroes, and together decides to do a riot against ASSAULT. However, with the death of Deathbane, Abel is revealed to have been working for Delin, who has orchestrated this to take over.

Season 2:Edit

  • Rise of the Befallen, Part 1: The Magic Conduit
  • Rise of the Befallen, Part 2: Cometh the Exodus

Season 3:Edit

  • Null and Void, Part 1: The Negative Zone
  • Null and Void, Part 2: Rising From the Void

Season 4: Edit

  • Negative: a protoform clone of Ahmad attacks, programmed to leave distruction in his wake.
  • Enter the Omnimatrix: A problem with the Omnimatrix occurs, leading to Ahmad taking up 
  • Savior: A new superhero appears in town, intending to be Ahmad's apprentice of a sort.
  • The Many Faces of a Coin, Part 1: Dark Essence attacks, targeting alternate Ahmads and aiming to destroy them.
  • The Many Faces of a Coin, Part 2: Ahmad and his new alternate timeline versions have to put their differences aside when the Dark Essence aims to be the only surviving Ahmad.

Movies: Edit

  • Mechaera: The Devil's Daughter
  • Avenger XV: 
  • Swirlwind: 


  • Dimension (0): Null Void: the anti-matter version of the positive universe. Being here requires intense care and protection from fear of implosion. It is sort of the Nether of the Universe.
  • Dimension 01: (Transiea) The Timeless Dimension.
  • Dimension 02: Athon's Dimension.
  • Dimension 14: Aya 15's Dimension.
  • Dimension 15: Primary Timeline, dimension.
  • Dimension 16: Bob 27's Dimension.
  • Dimension 20: Ahmed 10's Dimension.
  • Dimension 50: The Powerless Dimension
  • Dimension 51: The Opposite Dimension.
  • Dimension 66: Dark 's Dimension
  • Dimension 67: Darkside's Dimension.
  • Dimension 68: Darkchild's Dimension
  • Dimension 99: (Chronia) The Fountain of Time.
  • Dimension 100: (Extra-Vitalia) the Unknown matter version of the universe. It is sort of the Ether of the Universe, and Extra-Vitalium actually hails from here.

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