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Because of Themes related to Drug Use, Depression, Graphic Violence, Murder, and Terrorism.

Ahmad XV: The Mad Avenger is a new series by Ahmad, airing first in summer of 2016. It follows the avenging vigilante Mad Avenger (Ahmad Clocksmith) and his assosciates, Swirlwind (Skyler Paladin) and Mechaera (Minerva Etherstorm), in a brand new superhero tune, with dark and realistic settings. It takes place in Earth-15.

The series is an unofficial sequel but proper reboot of the previous Ahmad 15 and Ahmad 15 (Rebooted).


Starring CharactersEdit

Recurring CharactersEdit

  • Phil Caster aka Phantom
  • Sarah Clocksmith
  • Dr. Dorothy Grant aka Dexterity
  • Jenova Paladin


Major VillainsEdit

  • A.S.S.A.U.L.T
    • Darwin Luther aka Deathbane

Minor VillainsEdit


Season 1Edit

  • [[


  • Demien: half-human, half-alien. They will appear much more than actual aliens, especially in the first season.
  • Codename: alias used for vigilante crime fighting.

Fan ListEdit

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  • Ahmad in this series doesn't possess an Omnitrix persay, instead his X-morpher is merely a transformation stabilizer.
    • Without the X-morpher, Ahmad's transformations are unstable, and might even permanently mutate him.
  • The people with alternate identities all have an alternate name with the same first letter as their own first name, even if they are known by their middle or last names.
  • This series includes inspiration primarily from shows like Young Justice, Danny Phantom and Ultimate Spider-Man, but is grounded in a Ben 10 inspired universe.
  • Each "season" will only be five episodes, being more of a story arc.
  • The episodes are published in a set of four acts, with the opening sequence between the first and second acts, with ads in between the second, third and fourth acts.
  • The series features a brand new improved version of Ahmad, this time transcending being an author avatar and being more of a flawed, relatable character, intending to target the ethnic minorities, in this case, Muslims, and thus representing them.
  • The series lends its inspiration of style and tone from Back in Action: Alien Universe, one of my personal favorites, done by User:Cokedragon.

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