Here's the list for Saviour XVII

  1. Orbstrike
  2. Skelereap
  3. Halycon
  4. Falconstrike
  5. Disintegrator
  6. Swiftslider
  7. Cosmic Light
  8. Evangelion
  9. Sheath
  10. Metamorph
  11. Boltstrike
  12. Stealth
  13. NXIUS
  14. Aceheart
  15. Nightclaw
  16. Nullblade
  17. Mountain Breeze

Additional Edit

  1. Skidmarx
  2. Nukestrike
  3. Tidalwave
  4. Rustcharge
  5. Astro
  6. Anthrobreast
  7. Sandstorm
  8. Pumpskull: He is based on Pumpkin monsters from Anur Transyl. He has chlorokinesis, Regeneration, fire absorbtion, mana immunity and can fire a powerfull mana beam from his mouth.

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