• Falconstrike:
    • Appearance: A falcon-like alien who manipulates blue energy.
  • Mountain Breeze:
    • Appearance: He is a huge alien with soft snow-like skin. He can shoot freeze rays and form ice structures.
  • X-plodoflame: fire alien that blasts explosive fire blasts.
  • Unnamed Geokinetic Alien:
  • Brute Fource:
    • Appearance: He has a muscular build. His skin is pale green. He wears a black and white jumpsuit with the number '4' in the middle. 
    • Powers and Abilities:
      • Enhanced strength
      • Duplication (up to four copies).
      • Enhanced agility. 
    • Weaknesses: When one clone is injured, the others will be injured as well.
  • Hurrycane (pun on 'hurricane')
    • Appearance: He is rather thin alien with one lightning-shaped eye. He has grey skin, and he wears green cloud-shaped cuffs on his wrists. There are lightning bolts extending from his shoulders.
    • Powers and Abilities:
      • Enhanced speed.
      • Weather manipulation.
    • Weaknesses: His weather manipulation can damage surrounding objects.
  • Disintegrator
  • AirWalker: He looks like this
  • Brainfrost
  • Plasmotive

More ideas by ShahZebEdit

  • Spectre: A ghost-ke alien with Danny Phantoms most used abilities
  • BlazeStrike:An alien that can manipulate intense heat (I have made his page)
  • Rollaway: A spiked alien hat can roll into a ball and fire spikes
  • SomnamBlizard: A lizard like alien that can fire snow balls and sleep inducing mist
  • AstroStrike: An astokinetic alien
  • Densiter: An alien that can manipulte density
  • Disintegrator: A humaniod alien with gloves like Khyber . He can fire rays that can disintegrate objects
  • Mimic: An alien that can mimic opponents move
  • AquaStrike: An alien made of water. His hmaniod forn has no neck and locnger clawed arms. His monster dorm has tentecles and vice versa. He posses hydrokinesis 
  • IceFlame: a humaniod dragon alien that can fire ice flames
  • PowerZone: An alien that can enhance his strength , durability , and speed by eating objects
  • AirWalker: An alien made of air and wields a metalic armer like helmet , gloves and boots
  • StarDust: A green and white robotic alien with obotic wings. He can manipulate star enrgy like Starfire from Teen titans
  • ShahZeb: And I think your new series should contain most fannon alins instead of cannon ones.
    • ​Ahmad: That is already true.

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