Ahmad: Greetings, Lady and Gentlemen (and Paper), and welcome to the second episode of BTFF Live. Today we have Ren X Jr. King, as the second person, and I'm your host, Ahmad15!

Mr. King: Testios, testios. Thank you, thank you.

Audience: YAY! REN! REN REN!

Audience: WE LOVE YOU REN!

Ahmad gestures audience down.

Mr. King: I hat-love you too

Ahmad: Alright, Mr. Luke "Ren" Xavier King the Second, also known as Ren X Jr. King.

Mr. King: Yes?

Ahmad: Today's first question....

Mr. King: Oh, yes...

Ahmad: What caused you to join Wikia?

Mr. King: Well...

Mr. King: Ben 10 Fan Fiction. I read one of the first series I've seen, Ren 10, and that it was incredible. So I named myself in honor of Ren 10... :3


Ahmad gestures audience down.

Mr. King: Why yes, I, am...

Ahmad: Now, currently, who would you describe as your best friend?

Mr. King: Why myself of course :3

Mr. King: I'm Rentastic, man...

Audience: HAHAHA

Ahmad: Alright then

Ahmad: Your favorite alien?

Mr. King: Canon or fanon?

Ahmad: Canon

Mr. King: Why I think Heatblast is Rentastic...

Mr. King: He was the first alien...

Mr. King: But isn't NRG like Iron Man to Heatblast?

Mr. King: Oh crap...

Mr. King: Now that's....Ren....tastic.​

Ahmad: Fanon favorite alien?

Mr. King: Why my favorite catchphrase....

Mr. King: Tes-ti-O!

Ahmad: So.. Ren, your favorite color?

Mr. King: Redastic!

Ahmad: Favorite ability?

Mr. King: Well...

Mr. King: The ability to copy abilities

Ahmad: Quite OP, don't you think?


Ahmad laughs

Mr. King: Hey guys, the host is judging me!

Mr. King: Give him a BOO!!

Audience laugh

Audience: BOOO

Mr. King: BOOO

Ahmad: Your preferred weakness?

Mr. King: what's that supposed to mean?


Ahmad: If you had one weakness, what would it be?

Mr. King: hmm...

Mr. King: Dark Magic

Ahmad: Oooh

Mr. King: Overpowered abilities...huh, just ask Gravattack...

Ahmad: Haha

Audience laugh

Audience: RENTASTIC!

Mr. King: Hehe...

Ahmad: Now...

Ahmad: Next question

Ahmad: If you were an Admin, what would you do?

Mr. King: Well...

Mr. King: I would do you alot more things for BTFF, seeing is I am already creating an Intro for this wiki

Mr. King: Who knows they might just make me an admin for my Rentasticness!

Audience: REN FOR ADMIN!

Ahmad gestures down the audience

Ahmad: Who was your idol on this wiki?

Mr. King: Myself of course... :3

Mr. King: Rentastic, Rentastic

Audience: REN! REN! REN!

Mr. King: I'm telling you host, they love me

Mr. King: I'm practically a celeb

Ahmad: Speaking of celebs...

Ahmad: The penultimate part of conversation is...

Ahmad: A duel, between me and you.

Ahmad: Depending on the visitor, we will choose it

Ahmad: For you, it is a Rap Duel.

Mr. King: A rap battle against you?

Audience: Yes

Audience: YES! YES!

Ahmad: It has to be me.

Mr. King: Alright, who goes first?

Ahmad: Let us toss a coin

Ahmad flipped a coin. The coin showed: Tails

Ahmad: Tails is you.

Mr. King: I'm pretty sure I, uh picked heads!

Ahmad: Go again?

Ahmad: I'm Tails

Mr. King: Alright

Ahmad flipped a coin. The coin showed: Tails

Ahmad: Of course.

Mr. King: Ha!

Mr. King: You go first!


I am strong, you know what?
No need to say anything,
keep your mouth shut.
Not everyone is good at Rapping.

Audience clap

Mr. King

Hah, I'm Rentastic!
I've, got the magic!
Kill you like a bad kid!
Dramatic? That's a fact, kid...
So tragic, Rentastic...

Audience: WOOOHOOO!


That ain't good enough.
I'll show you some good stuff
For you to ease your buff
Like a diamond in the rough.

Audience: YAY!

Mr. King

Please, don't be optimistic,
I've got an assistant,
Does for me, than you could ever be picturin

Audience: Huh?

Mr. King: Rentastic!

Audience: YAY!


Seriously, dude? I'm the duel master,
With ultimate magic of rhyming faster
My magic is strong, stronger than Charmcaster,
Stronger than a laser blast, fired from a blaster.
So bow down and submit, to your new master
If you fight me, your wounds can't be restrained with a plaster.

Audience: OH YEAH!

Mr. King: Hey, that verse was too long! Disqualification!

Audience: GASP!

Ahmad: What verse?

Mr. King: The one you just rapped!

Mr. King: THE HOST IS A CHEATER! (points)

Ahmad: Whu?

Audience: GASP!

Ahmad: Then, I fear...

Ahmad: Ren is the winner


Mr. King: Rentastic! I was winning from the start!

Ahmad: Oh well

Ahmad: The final part for today

Ahmad: Since this show is made for the Anniversary, what would you like to direct a message towards the BTFF community?

Mr. King: You guys are the best, honestly. All these projects are just for admiration, they honor BTFF's long-living history... (and my RENTASTICNESS)

Mr. King: Once again, you guys are the best..

Audience: Awww

Ahmad: And how would you like to message Duncan Crook, creator of the wiki?

Mr. King: I'd like to massage his back, I heard he has back problems.

Audience: WWUT?! LOL

Ahmad laughs

Ahmad: Anyways, today's episode has ended. We'd like to thank Ren a lot for participating, by creating Tentatus for him. Enjoy!

Audience: AWESOME!

Ahmad: Now see ya, loyal readers! Bye!

Mr. King: I hope you guys have a Rentastic BTFF Fifth Anniversary!