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Message from the WritersEdit

Hey everyone, this is Ahmad, Ultra and Ulti, the creators of the movie. Please do read the following message before you start.

First off, the movie was promised to be a war story in a grey morality world. But this was super hard to actually build a story for, as most of the characters people signed up were essentially good people. They all wanted their characters to have morals, with the exception of a few who opted for a rather mysterious character (Dyten), or one who disagreed with everyone else, (WaT) or an outright sinister person (Aaron). Besides that, most wanted their character to be a hero, one that didn't want the war to happen, (specifically Reo) was nice to everyone, or had a very prominent role, such as betraying their faction (such as Ren), while very few actually left room for the character to be one who started the primary fight. While some of the characters being too nice (such as Ulti), were special on their own way due to wanting peace among everyone else, this left no room for us to be able to include the event that started the fight with our roster of characters. 

Second, we took a much bigger bite than we hoped to swallow with the characters. By the time the sign ups ended, we had twenty-seven people signed up, and this was only within a single day! Theoretically, this would have helped us facilitate the fight scenes as we won't have just nameless Red Shirts to take the bullet, and we could have actual breathing characters. But the appearance of soo many characters left almost no room for character development. This made us have to go for a story that focused more on story-driven content than character-driven stories. So, sorry everyone for disappointing, we barely had the ability to include your character.

Third, many people thought the Ultra Singularity were gonna be very biased due to having two of the main writers being part of it being the writers, or due to having futuristic technology or whatever. To a writer who is aiming very hard to be neutral and make a good story, this was very disheartening and paining. We are NOT biased towards the Ultra Singularity, so we went to great lengths to antagonize the singularity and make them the least fortunate in general. This is not to mean we made them villains, we had already wanted everyone to be essentially an anti-hero. But they fell on the darker side of that anti-hero morality.

Fourth, the Edgelords had a very nice complex mythos planned. But, this was a movie that took characters people made. Essentially, instead of being a star-worshipping cult, everyone joining the Edgelords wanted to be a lot more cynical, dark and cool, and mostly just joined to be on the same team as the people who were already on. This was a VERY different direction than the one we wanted to go with. So, after people, especially Cat, reacted negatively about the interpretation of our Edgelords. Admittedly, we should not have went with the whole concept of them in the first place. But this only came after we finished 60% of our production, so it was far too late. So we had to go back, rewrite a few scenes, and essentially recreate the Edgelord mythos and culture. The result is less than ideal, with very fragile motivations, but the characters are edgy, so it gets the job done.

Fifth, pressure was exerted on us when writing this, mainly because of the whole Dakota controversy, or the Edgelord interpretation, or the general assumption that this wouldn't be done, or even people who judged the movie just based on the trailers and said it was gonna be bad in advance. All of those exerted stress, and we had to do the best we could to deliver a good movie.

(---) Ulti, Ultra, write more here if you wish.

Please, enjoy the movie, and in case you liked it, please sign in for the fanlist far below.

Act I: The DystopiaEdit

[Yoponot, narrating]: Long ago... 

[A huge green planet is shown, with a charcoal black celestial body with green glowing lines nearby being its moon. The camera zooms towards the green planet.]

[Yoponot, narrating]: There was a huge majestic land, called BTFF, blessed, built to be Throne of the Final Frontier...

[The camera pans across, showing the entirety of the land, stopping in to show two users standing on a white land.]

[Yoponot, narrating]: It was a great land, where everyone had power, and the land belonged to everyone.

[One of these two users puts his palm on the white space, as the terrain begins bending, transforming into a meadow. The other user smiles, observing the sun as it rises in the distance.]

[Yoponot, narrating]: Everyone was friendly towards another, and each user was treated with respect...

[Brandon, Ren, and Steve standing together on Chaturn. Brandon waves around his arms, speaking with no sound, seemingly speaking a joke. Steve and Ren visibly laugh.]

[Yoponot, narrating]: This land was watched over by a benevolent council, called the Admins.

[A vehicle floats by in a city, with the Admins, lead by Roads, followed by Sub, Paper, Sci, and Brian drives by, the people cheering for them as they pass.]

[Yoponot, narrating]: And the land was in great peace and prosperity... Until the assassination of the Great Roads.

[A wounded Roads is shown, on the steps of a temple, as Sci rushes over to help him, while Sub is shown angrily looking for the source of the attack.]

[Yoponot, narrating]: The assassination sent the world into a civil war, where three factions dominated, each proclaiming the other as the killer of the Great Roads.

[Several armies are shown to be clashing together in the middle of the metropolis city, each wrestling for control.]

[Yoponot, narrating]: First, there was the Confederation of Scidra, formed by the followers of the great resigned Admin Sci. They believed in the power of knowledge, and believed that the Admin council was corrupt.

[Sci is shown with huge white tendrils coming out from his back, as Reo and Echo6 appear behind him, wearing Scidra robes, and wielding a sword and a keyblade respectively.]

[Yoponot, narrating]: Then, there were the Edgelords, lead by the great Feline, who were accused to be the killers by Sci. They developed a grudge on the people who didn't defend them.

[Cat the Feline is shown, with Aaron and Rob behind him, wearing a grey spiked jacket, while wielding pistols.]

[Yoponot, narrating]: It only got worse from there, as the War of Factions escalated, resulting in an attack on the Capital City of BTFF.

[The metropolis city is shown in all of its glory, until the armies arrive and the city is in ruins.]

[Yoponot, narrating]: Fearing the extinction of the people in Capital City, Ultra disobeyed the Admins' decision to stay and fight, and formed the Ultra Singularity and fled the city.

[Ultra in his Ultra Mark 3000 bulky titanium armor is shown, along with Ahmad and Ren.]

[Yoponot, narrating]: Not many of the Admins survived the Attack on Capital City, and with the destruction of the capital city, only four admins remained, Mig, Toon, Ulti and me. Forced to lay low, we immigrated to Chaturn, trying desperately to keep the peace.

[Toon is shown hastily forming a forcefield around him, Ulti, Yopo and a wounded Mig. They all teleport away, as the armies clash in where they used to be.]

[Yoponot, narrating]: But the age of peace is long gone.. United, we had fallen. Divided, now we stand. Now, we are in the..

Multitrixes Ravine
Outskirts of Edgetown Earlier

[We see a patch of grass, and footsteps able to be heard. A light blast surges through the sky as a trumpet is heard. Dakota, wearing Scidra robes. He blows into a trumpet, signifying an attack. An Edgelord village is shown, as several warriors, including Aaron, with untamed hair, thick sideburns, a scar, and white clothing. Nas, with black track pants and a backpack with atennae sticking out. And finally, Primal, a crazed Edgelord wielding a huge fan-like weapon step out.]

[Nas]: They're coming!

[Primal]: Let's do this, boys!

[On the top of a large building stands Sci; he has tall, pale skin, with black shaggy hair, wearing a robe with an eye symbol on his chest. His eyes and symbol glow as we see Reo, with a bald head and a black protective jumpsuit below his robe. Echo6; tall, blonde, blue eyes, wearing a red and black jumpsuit below the robe, along with fingerless gloves and a Scidra pendant at his side. Dakota lands by beside them, and pulls out his magical sword.]

[Dakota]: M'lord Sci?

[Sci]: Announce it.

[Dakota moves over to the ledge, and starts yelling to the people, who gather around near the village while Scidra soldiers begin to pour in slowly on the outskirts of the village.]

[Dakota, announcing]: In the name of Lord Sci, King of the Scions and the Elders, and the Bringer of Scillumination, we hereby seize this town and make it a part of the Confederation of Scidra. Resistance is futile, and if you attack, we will show no mercy!

[Reo steps over and he raises his huge sword, waving it forward.]

[Reo]: Hail Scidra!

[Scidra Army, collectively]: Hail Scidra! Hail Scidra!

[The army charges forward, raiding the village. Sci steps forward and waves his arms in the air as he begins glowing. He manipulates the CSS of the environment, creating shadow constructs that charge in to assist the army.]

[Sci]: Show them all, my children! Show them the Scillumination they denied themselves!

[As the army charges, the terrain around it starts shifting, holes in the ground growing in.]

[A grenade flies in through the air, and lands in front of Sci, Reo, Echo6, and Dakota. Echo6 dashes in, and hits the grenade, throwing it in the air. Reo jumps after, and strikes it with his katana's, launching it forward towards the Edgelords. Aaron growls, and he hits it, throwing it at the ground, where it explodes within some Scidra shadow constructs.] 

[CaT, leader of the Edgelords, reloads his grenade launcher, and is shown standing on top of a tank that's coming in. Beside him is Rob, who pulls out a magnum pistol and opens fire at the shadow constructs.]

[Rob]: And now, comes the great Cat, the one that will beat the hell out of all of youl!

[A girl with pink hair, named Clara, CaT's older, but less mature, sibling, is punching and kicking constructs conjured by Scidra left and right. A Scidra member with a dragonscale sword, named Dyten, is seen commanding them. An Edgelord, armed to the teeth with guns and ammunition, approaches him, dismounting his large minigun.]

[Wat]: Eat lead, Scidra scum!

[The barrel of his minigun begins rotating as multiple bullets are fired towards Dyten, whose eyes glow violet and dodges them with blinding speed, appearing like a blur five meters to the left.]

[Dyten]: Sorry, but I've already had breakfast. My blade, however, is a bit thirsty for your blood!

[Wat growls, preparing to fire again. Shahzeb, with half black half white anime hair, a green eye and blue eye, and a black tight suit below his Scidra robes, dashes in, swinging his keyblade staff around. Clara shoots at him with her pistol, but he deflects it, and goes for a stab. She dodges, and he strikes the ground.]

[Clara]: Bad luck, Rainbow eyes!

[Shahzeb]: Why you-!

[His keyblade transforms into a staff and he shoots an energy blast at her. She swiftly dodges and backflips to kick him in the face. He is hit and falls backwards, transforming his staff into a keyblade as she opens fire at him, shooting at him in point-blank range.]

[Shahzeb]: I'll be getting you!

[He charges at her, shooting at her. We switch to Rob and Aaron, who have met in the middle, with shadow constructs blinding around him.]

[Rob, whispering]: Okay, I'll handle Reo, you handle Echo6. You take down every slenderbeast in your way and we give the Feline an opening to strike Sci.

[Aaron, whispering]: Who died and made you boss, you macaroni loving edgie?

[Rob, frowning]: Come on, Aaron, not this again. We need to-

[Aaron]: I couldn't care less about what you want. I'm just here for the fireworks!

[CaT approaches them, a stern look on his face.]

[CaT]: If you really believe that, then why did you side with us?

[Aaron]: Because you're the less wacky side.

[CaT, raising an eyebrow]: Fair enough. Don't worry, Edgelords, Scidra will not prevail this day or the next.

[Rob sees Primal, trying to run away from a large violet energy ball heading towards them.]

[Primal, shouting]: Incoming!

[He reaches the other Edgelords and ducks under their cover as the energy balls evaporate the building right across the street.]

[Primal, breathing heavily]: Phew, that was close.

[Aaron, grabbing him by the neck]: You almost gave away our position, you fan fetishist!

[Primal, angry]: I didn't ask for your opinion, you fanist!

[Rob]: Enough with the name calling! Primal, can you distract Echo6 while we-

[Primal, excited]: Sure thing!

[He exits the cover, looking around for Echo6 and finally spots him in a small district.]

[Primal, ready to run off]: We can win this, guys, I'm sure of it! They step over the edge, they'll get cut!

[He charges towards Echo6. Awkward silence ensues between the three Edgelords.]

[CaT, sighing]: Let's just get this over with.

[He puts his night vision goggles on and marches outside of the cover spot, followed by Rob and Aaron. Clara is shown, surrounded by numerous slenderbeasts, their dark tendrils waving ominously.]

[Clara, sarcastically]: Oh no, you've got me surrounded! What should I do now?

[She forms a devilish smirk, as she puts her hands to the ground, causing large rock spikes to form and gore the slenderbeasts by impaling them. The creatures shriek and dissipate in a cloud of smoke. CaT is seen approaching her.]

[Clara, with a wide smile]: Oh, if it isn't my favorite little bro!

[CaT, frowning]: Clara, where's Wat and Nas?

[Clara]: Why should I know? They're big boys, they can handle themselves.

[CaT, raising his voice]: Dang it, Clara! Scidra could have captured them by now!

[Clara]: Hey, don't get mad at me if they got caught!

[CaT, sighing]: In case you haven't noticed, we're in a war! And on top of that, we have to deal with that robot freak, Ultra, so it's high time you started seeing things like an adult!

[Clara]: Well, I-

[CaT]: Go make sure Rob is fine. I've wasted enough time talking to you.

[Clara]: But-

[CaT, furious]: Clara, shut the hell up or I'll shove a grenade down your throat, blast you to pieces and feed you to the Baxbaxwalanuksiwe I keep in the basement!

[Clara stands there in shock for a few seconds, then turns around.]

[Clara]: You know, I understand why you are the leader of the Edgelords. You are a colossal jerk!

[She runs away, the ground shaking behind her.]

[CaT, sighing]: That could've gone a lot better. Oh, well.

[He checks his grenade launcher, readjusts his goggles and heads off to the distance.]

[Primal is seen approaching Echo6, displaying a surprising amount of stealth. Suddenly, a loud noise is heard behind him and quickly turns around. To his relief, it is revealed to be Wat, laying his minigun to the ground.]

[Wat]: Dang it, minigun's out of ammo!

[Primal]: Be a little louder next time, will ya? Echo didn't hear you enough.

[Wat]: Hey, sorry, man. All I've got is my Magnum pistol, two buzzsaws, a shotgun and a flare gun.

[Primal]: Yeah? Well, I've got a fan.

[The two stop talking, as Echo6 begins walking dangerously close to them.]

[Wat, whispering]: We can take him.

[Primal, whispering]: Not yet, we need to-

[He is cut off, as the ground beneath him and Wat begins crumbling to dust, forcing them to come out of their hiding spot. When they look up, they see Echo6, raising his arm above the ground.]

[Echo]: You two really, really, suck at stealth.

[Wat]: Oh yeah? Well, you, you...

[Echo, smirking]: How sad. Though, I am facing the most pathetic members of the Edgelords. A gun freak and a fan fetishist.

[Primal, his right eye twitching]: What did you say?

[Echo6]: I called you a fan fetishist, you-

[Primal, shouting]: YOU FANIST SCIDRA SCUM!

[Primal charges like a maniac towards Echo6 and presses a button on his fan, which detonates, knocking himself unconscious as Echo6 looks from above with a smug smile.]

[Wat, sighing]: I don't suppose you'd like to do this the easy way, now, do you?

[Echo6, cracking his knuckles]: By all means..

[Wat pulls out his buzzsaw and charges at Echo6, who pulls out his keyblade, waving it forward. Wat turns on his buzzsaw, and Echo's keyblade parries it, and the two start having a swordfight with their weapons. Echo dodges those, and kicks Wat in the knee, knocking him down.]

[Echo]: I'll be taking that.

[He takes the buzzsaw and tosses it upwards, then fires an energy beam at it, destroying it. Wat grabs his foot, and pulls him down, knocking him next to him.]

[Wat grabs him and punches him in the face, then pulls out a magnum pistol and aims it at his face.]

[Wat]: No juice, big boy.

[Echo]: Why not?

[Echo swats him aside and rolls atop him, pointing his own keyblade at him.]

[Echo]: Now surrender or-

[Echo is hit on the head from behind, and he falls. Wat moves him aside, and Primal is shown with a broken piece of fan.]

[Primal]: Fanist scum.

[Scene cuts to Mattimeo, who is wildly waving his staff, firing magic blasts at random, as Nas swiftly dodges. Mattimeo pulls out a small device from his pocket, and throws it at Nas.]

[Nas]: What the hell is tha-?

[The device explodes, and Nas is flung backwards, the whole world around him turning black.]

[Mattimeo]: A special new kind of CSS. It takes away all the colors from you. It's experimental though. I hope it doesn't affect your eyelids forever!

[Nas]: Ugh, you are such a weirdo!

[Nas closes his eyes, and pulls out a switchblade. He swings it around and throws it towards Mattimeo, who barely dodges. Mattimeo runs up towards him, pulling out another device. Nas punches him randomly and the device explodes into sticky goo, gluing Mattimeo's chest to Nas's arm. Nas uses the opportunity to slam Mattimeo into the ground. Nas' vision then returns and he punches Mattimeo in the face.]

[Nas]: What a weirdo...

[He tears off Mattimeo's shirt to free his arm. He then walks off.]

[Meanwhile, Reo is fighting against Rob, the former wielding two katanas and the latter wielding chains. Rob swings his chains, and Reo catches them with his katanas, and goes for a katana thrust straight at his face. Rob dodges.]

[Reo]: Stop moving already!

[Rob]: Now, why would I do that?

[Rob rolls down, dodging another katana swing. He comes up behind Reo, waving his chains and trapping them around Reo.]

[Reo elbows Rob in his chest, then uses his katanas to break free from the weakened chains. Rob quickly withdraws his chains and wraps them around his forearms, while at same time doing a side roll to the left, dodging Reo's katanas. He then lunges forward, landing a vicious punch at Reo's jaw as a cracking sound is heard.] 

[Reo, grabbing his jaw in pain]: You will pay for this!

[Rob, grinning]: Yeah, I'm sure. There's a lot more from where that came from! 

[He swings his left arm, his chain lashing at Reo's face and torso, who puts both katanas in front of him, blocking the attack. The edge of his right katana lodges between one chain link and then yanks it upward, shattering the chain. Rob growls, then releases his other chain to the ground, dragging it as he approaches Reo, then swings it slightly above the ground and around Reo's right leg. Reo looks in disbelief, as Rob pulls the chain back, knocking Reo down. He summons the chain back to him and wraps it around both of his arms, imitating a garrote wire. He moves behind Reo and puts his chain around his neck, attempting to strangle him. Reo grunts in pain, as Rob applies more pressure around his neck. Gathering all his strength, Reo grabs his katanas firmly and then jams them in Rob's abdomen. Rob lets out a petrifying shriek, instantly letting go of his hold on Reo, who gasps, letting precious air fill his lungs. Rob, barely standing still, steps back.] 

[Reo, breathing heavily]: Hail... Thaidra... 

[Out of the blue, Reo is hit from behind and Clara appears, having slammed him with the back of her gun. She turns to look at Rob, who struggles to dislodge the katanas from his body and rushes to assist him.] 

[Clara, worried]: Rob, wait, let me help! Are you...okay? 

[Rob, staring at her]: Do... I... look... "okay" to you? Argh! 

[Clara, not answering, grabs one katana and hesitating for a second, removes it from Rob's abdomen, who lets out a blood curdling scream. Clara covers her mouth with her hand, breathing erratically and trying not to completely freak out.] 

[Rob, grunting]: One go...Unf! 

[Clara, assuming normal breathing once more, grabs hold of the other katana, as does Rob. They look each other in the eye and Rob gives her a reassuring nod. Letting out a deep sigh, they both push the katana out, each trying to ignore the others screams. Once the deed is done, Rob lies to the ground, chuckling in relief.] 

[Clara, stuttering]: My bro was right... They want to kill us.

[Rob, raising his head]: G-glad you h-had a reality ch-check, but... I still h-have two open w-wounds.

[Clara then begins to look around frantically, searching for something that might help. Upon gazing at a discarded katana and Reo, she immediately grabs the weapon and approaches Reo menacingly.] 

[Rob, confused]: C-Clara, what are you- 

[She rolls Reo, his back facing her and reaches for part of his cloak. She then slashes the cloth and snatches a piece of the fabric, before moving back to Rob's spot. She stretches the fabric as much as she can and carefully wraps it around Rob's wounds, acting as a makeshift bandage.] 

[Rob]: Th-thanks, I got it from here. 

[Clara]: What now? 

[Rob gets up, an arm around his abdomen.] 

[Rob]: Where are the others? 

[As soon as he says that, he sees Primal and Wat, carrying an unconscious Echo, running towards them.] 

[Primal, smiling]: Good to see you, guys. We've got Echo and- 

[He notices Rob's wounds as well as a beaten up Reo laying unconscious.] 

[Wat, dropping Echo]: Woah, you got Reo too? That's awesome, man! 

[Primal]: Must have been one heck of a fight. 

[Rob]: Hnn...yeah, it was. Clara actually saved me. 

[Wat moves towards Clara and gives her a friendly slap in the back.] 

[Wat]: Well, what do you know? Looks like the boss' sister stole the show from him! 

[Primal]: Speaking of the boss, any idea where he is? 

[Rob]: We would ask you the same thing. 

[Clara]: Um, guys, what do we do with the Scidra fellas? 

[Wat]: I say we put a bullet through their heads. 

[Rob, shouting]: No! We... we can use them as hostages. Scidra would have no choice but to give in to our demands. 

[Unknown Voice]: We beg to differ, Edgelord punk! 

[The Edgelords turn around, revealing the voice to be none other than Dyten's, who holds an unconscious Nas, his dragonscale sword dangerously close to his neck. He is accompanied by Mattimeo, who is making calibrations to his staff, Dakota and Shazheb.] 

[Primal]: Mommy... 

[Dyten, with a slasher smile]: It looks like Nas got a bit... ahead of himself. So here's the deal: You give Echo and Reo back to us, we'll give back Nas. 

[Wat]: And if we say... no? 

[Mattimeo]: We will strike back with the bulk of our army.

[Clara]: Ain't happening, Scidra nerd! 

[Shazheb]: Is that your final decision? 

[Wat]: Heck yeah! We'll take back Nas and send all of your butts to the Uncharted Lands! 

[Dakota]: What a moron. I'm not impressed. 

[Wat quickly grabs his Magnum pistol, waving it at the Scidra members.] 

[Primal]: So, uh, do we fight, or... 

[Mattimeo, charging his staff]: Yes, we do

[Primal, gulping]: Okay, just making sure. 

[The two groups stand across each other, every member with a determined look on their faces. Rob grabs his leftover chain, Primal brings out his fan remnants, Wat aims his pistol towards Dyten, Clara assumes a fighting stance. Dyten tosses Nas behind him and grips his sword, Mattimeo points his staff towards Clara and Dakota and Shazheb bring out their bow and arrows. An eerie silence dominates the battlefield.] 

[Rob]: Edgelords, cut them to pieces! 

[The two groups begin moving slowly towards each other, picking up speed every second until they run. Rob lashes his chain around Mattimeo's staff, throwing it away, Wat fires from his Magnum pistol at Dyten, who blocks the attack with his dragon scale sword, then lunges forward. Clara dodges Dakota's arrows and it hits Shazheb's knee, but bounces off his shapeshifting weapon. Mattimeo retrieves his staff and slams it to the ground, creating a huge shockwave that knocks the Edgelords down. Clara quickly recovers and lands on him with a roundhouse kick, sending him backwards. Dyten turns to her, his eyes glowing with violet energy and flash steps, his sword raised and ready to stab her. However before he can react, he is blasted away by a powerful explosive blast, knocking him literally in the air. The camera turns around to show CaT, steam coming out of his grenade launcher and Aaron, twitching violently.] 

[Clara]: Little bro? 

[CaT]: Edgelords, bomb these Scidra scum to hell! 

[As soon as he says that, the ground violently shakes, almost knocking everyone down. The ground starts cracking and from the gaps, white tendrils emerge, surrounded by black smoke, which soon materializes in the form of the Lord of Scillimuniation himself, Sci.] 

[Sci, calmly]: The Ferocious Feline and his followers, the Edgelords, all in one place. How could I ask for a better gift? Scidra... show them Scillumination!

[Mattimeo]: Uh, actually, Lord Scidra, I would like to run some experiments on- 

[Sci turns towards Mattimeo, retaining his calm demeanor.] 

[Sci]: Very well. Leave a prisoner or two.

[CaT]: I think this is the part where you get the hell out of here, before we kick your shadowy butt back to your little forest! 

[Sci]: If you wish to harm my disciples, Feline... you must defeat me first. 

[CaT]: Challenge accepted, old trend! 

[CaT reloads his grenade launcher and charges towards Sci, who forms white tendrils around him. The two leaders collide as a grenade explosion and a mass of tendrils knock them back respectively. CaT and Sci proceed to get up again and CaT takes aim and fires a grenade towards Sci. The scene goes to slow motion, depicting the grenade approaching Sci, then getting cut by a violet colored blade, exploding before reaching its target. As the scene resumes normally, Dyten is seen standing next to Scidra, his eyes radiating with violet energy.] 

[Sci]: You are losing, Feline. Perhaps you would like to share some last words? I am not overly a fan of them, but I will make an exception.

[Clara, offscreen]: Hey, nerd! What's fist plus face?

[Mattimeo turns around, only to be met by Clara's fist, which knocks him back, but also letting go of his staff. She grabs it and prepares to blast him, but numerous white tendrils impale her on her back by Sci, and she falls down in pain. CaT quickly reloads and aims, Sci's pupils dilating.] 

[CaT, growling, fires, unleashing a grenade that hits Sci, Dyten and Mattimeo point blank, causing a titanic shockwave that ravages the land. When the dust settles, Rob had built a wall around them, with Sci having constructed a shadow wall in front of him and Dyten. The rest of the Scidra army seems down, on their knees. CaT reloads again and takes aim.] 

[Sci]: You think this over, oh Feline. You may have won this battle, but the war is far from- 

[CaT]: -over, yeah, yeah. Whatever. I will only tell this once: If you or some lackey of yours ever, ever lay foot on these lands, if you return to conquer any Edgelord lands, I swear, I will blast you all the way to the Uncharted Lands and I will make sure you never come back. 

[Dyten]: Lord Scidra, we must-

[Sci]: Dyten, your opinion at this very moment attributes less than nothing to my final decision. And I suggest we... retreat. 

[Dyten]: But- 

[Sci, to CaT]: We shall meet again... Feline. 

[Sci cues the army, and they grab the unconscious Echo and Reo, and begin marching away from them. Rob approaches CaT.] 

[CaT]: Ugh, he knows how much I hate being called Feline, and continues to say it. 

[Rob]: Boss, what do we do now? 

[CaT]: Send out a small team of invaders. Let them sneak in with them, and when the time is right, they attack.

[Rob]: Okay, boss. What if they fail, though?

[CaT]: Don't worry, Rob. While things may seem impossible, we are Edgelords. We can do it. 

Act II: The WarzoneEdit

Multitrixes Ravine,
Outskirts of Edgetown NOW

[A flame is lit, illuminating the darkness. Brandon, a medium-height teen wearing a green jacket with brown hair is looking at the fire. He sighs, observing the place all around him.]

[Nicholas, voice]: Brandon, did you set up the tent too?

[Brandon nods, as the camera pans to Nicholas, who is a teen with dark brown hair, wearing a grey V-neck shirt. He sits next to Brandon, warming up to the fire.]

[Brandon, quietly]: Yknow...This spot...This is where I was sent to stop a feud between Scidra and the Edgelords...

[Nicholas finishes gathering firewood, and puts it next to Brandon's fire.]

[Nicholas]: Which feud was that?

[Brandon]: It wasn't a big part of the war...Didn't really affect anyone much...only me, I guess...

[Brandon moves some sand away from his feet. He begins drawing something with his finger.]

[Brandon]: I was demoted...Because I failed to make peace...

[Nicholas, quietly]: Oh...Well...

[Brandon perks up, then looks off in the distance. He smiles.]

[Brandon]: That looks like a nice cliff to kick people off of, though.

[Nicholas, raising an eyebrow]: Oh?

[Brandon gets up, and checks it, seeing the valley off the cliff. Nicholas puts his hand on the ground, as the cliff shifts, with the valley below it getting deeper.]

[Brandon]: Wait...Did you just edit?

[Nicholas, his pupils dilating]: Maybe...?

[Brandon, excited]: I got a better idea!

[Brandon puts his hands on the ground, as the cliff is elevated even further.]

[Brandon]: Why lower the valley...when you can raise the cliff?

[Nicholas smiles, as Brandon smiles back. Then his smile fades, and he sits back down. He sighs.]

[Nicholas]: Cheer up. It's gonna be okay.

[An intense green light illuminates the area. Upon fading, before them stand four people, clad in armor, a dagger strapped to each of their belts. An Omnitrix symbol is located on their chest, with two sashes crossing their torso. The strangers have a calm and stern demeanor and appear authoritative. The Admins step forward, with Ulti leading them.]

[Ulti, calmly]: Brandon, Nicholas.

[Brandon, standing up]: Th-The Admins?!

[Nicholas, confused]: How did you find us?

[Toon, in a deep voice]: It was quite simple, really.

[Mig]: You made an edit, bros.

[Brandon]: Listen, if this is about the failed negotiation, I swear, I did everything in my power to-

[Yopo]: Relax, we're not here about that.

[Nicholas]: You're not?

[Ulti, calmly]: No, that is not our primary concern. Why did you make an edit?

[Nicholas, nervous]: Well...I suppose we wanted to relive the old days...

[Toon, serious]: You have put yourselves in grave danger. The other factions may have devised ways to track you through your edits.

[Brandon]: Yeah, should have thought of that. I guess we just acted on impulse.

[Mig]: Either way, you guys ain't safe out here. You gotta come with us.

[Nicholas]: And why should we trust you? Yopo was in the Edgelords, and-

[Yopo]: Exactly, I was. Past tense and all that.

[Ulti, calmly]: I assure you, Yopo is trustworthy. He has proven himself.

[Brandon]: If you say so, Ulti...I just wish things were the way we used to be.

[Toon, smiling]: We're going to make it that way, trust us.

[Yopo]: And we'll need all the help we can get. You two seem to have your brains in the right places.

[Mig]: So, you in, bros, or...Actually, there's no "out". Unless you consider death-

[Nicholas, panicking]: Okay, okay, geez! We're coming, no need to be edgy, you know.

[Mig]: What can I say? Old habits die hard.

[Ulti, smiling]: It appears we have reached a peaceful agreement. I'm very glad.

[Toon]: Honestly, Ulti, you're happy all the time. I don't even know how you can manage that.

[Brandon]: Uh...could we discuss this elsewhere? Cause as you said...

[Yopo]: Yeah, yeah, all aboard the Chaturn train!

[The admins press the Omnitrix symbols on their chests, creating a bright green light that engulfs them, as well as Brandon and Nicholas. When it fades, the six are carried in through a green tunnel of light, but Brandon and Nicholas begin glowing, being sucked downwards. Ulti notices, and grabs onto Brandon's hand, as the noise distorted tunnel fades. When the light fades, only Mig, Toon and Yopo are on Chaturn, a black planet with green lines going across.]

Planet Chaturn
Hangout Bay NOW

[Mig]: What just happened?

[Toon]: Someone intercepted our teleportation signal..

[Bat, a teen with black hair, wearing a green hoodie and black pants, approaches them.]

[Bat]: What happened? I thought you guys were bringing people over?

[Toon]: I think the Ultra Singularity intercepted our signal and captured them, along with Ulti.

[Mig]: Not cool, bros.

[Bat]: Aren't they forbidden from harming us neutrals?

[Yopo]: Technically.. But they broke that rule before, when they attacked Capital City.

[Bat]: I thought Scidra and the Edgelords fought each other in that, not ganged up on Admins.

[Toon]: They did only fight, but a lot of neutrals got caught in the crossfire. Some of them even died.

[Mig]: And they killed Sub, who was like, the awesomest bro we had on the army. We couldn't fight back much after that.

[Bat]: Oh..

[Toon]: Well, I'll be headed to the Ultra Singularity citadel. I'll tell them this is outrageous.

[Bat]: Will they listen?

[Toon]: I hope so.

Confederation of Scidra
Scidra Manor NOW

[Meanwhile, in the midst of a dark forest, a pyramid rises, with an eye glowing in its top. As the camera zooms in through the pyramid, we see Scidra's underground city.]

[Echo6, offscreen]: We can do this the easy way or the hard way.

[We see inside a dark room, Ulti, Brandon and Nicholas are captured, each in separate tubes, unconscious. Echo6, with medium blonde hair, blue eyes, is wearing a red and black shirt, with black fingerless gloves, and a silver pendant with the Scidra symbol on it, the symbol of the eye. Reo, with a shaved head, wearing a tight black shirt, belt, and pants, along with a Scidra orange cloak over them, stands beside him.]

[Echo6]: We'll offer them the choice to join Scidra, if not, we'll see what we do with them.

[Reo, sternly]: Alright, let it be so. Make sure we don't end up with a diplomatic crisis. Ulti's capture wasn't intended.

[Echo6]: I know, which is why we must be very careful with them.

[Mattimeo is standing nearby, with black unkempt hair, purple eyes, and a purple tophat, along with a labcoat. He is reading from a clipboard.]

[Mattimeo]: This should go on smoothly..

[He jots down, "Brandon 10, Korda Six". He then checks next to their names.]

Ultra Citadel NOW

[Meanwhile, we see a small eagle flying in the sky. The camera pans to show it approaching a large metallic land, with a ravine splitting the land in half. A huge citadel is hovering in the sky, with several smaller spaceships surrounding it.]

[In the middle of the citadel, there is a huge throne room. Ultra sentries walk around, and Ultra is revealed, tall, unnaturally pale skin, red blood eyes, wearing bulky Titanium armor, stretched in a robotic fashion all over his body. He has a titanium helmet with two antennae. He wears a red cape.]

[Thax]: The battle at the outskirts of Edgetown yielded the ultimate defeat of the Confederation of Scidra. However, we did not engage and join the battle.

[Ultra]: Outrageous... You should have pursued them with the bulk of our army.

[Thax is shown, having brown-ish skin, with a green shirt with the Ultra Singularity symbol. He is wearing partial Ultra Singularity bulky armor, but has taken off the chestplate and the helmet.]

[Thax]: I told them so, but Ahmad issued other orders.

[Ultra]: I'll have to deal with that. He shall be warned about his poor judgement. Did he follow the backup protocol.

[Thax]: Yes, master. He did the backup protocol, and sent Steve, Sixef and Curtis to assassinate the Edgelord Leader.

[Ultra]: Perfect. No one is aware of that, correct?

[Thax]: Correct, master.

[Creep enters the room, and bows to Ultra.]

[Creep, looking at the floor]: Long live the Ultra Singularity, King of the Exodus, and the Worthy Above All.

[Creep is shown, being tall, slightly overweight, brown eyes, brown afro-style hair. He is wearing bulky iron armor, composed of robotic gauntlets over his arms, enveloping them, along with gloves. He fiddles slightly with his massive lightsaber's hilt.]

[Ultra]: Rise. What is it you seek?

[Creep]: We have a guest.

[The camera shifts slightly to show Toon and entering Ultra's throne room.]

[Ultra]: Oh, how nice. Toon, the mighty Last Moderator has arrived.

[Toon]: Ultra, before you do anything, I'm only here to talk.

[Ultra]: Oh well. Greetings, Admin.

[Toon]: Did you, or did you not, capture the neutrals?

[Ultra]: Neutrals? Capturing the neutrals is a thing that can only ever be regarded, as... fiendish.

[Thax chuckles, understanding the inside joke.]

[Toon]: So you are denying your involvement...?

[Ultra]: War, my dear friend, makes up a series of desperate times. And desperate times call for desperate countermeasures...

[Toon]: Ugh, I couldn't understand anything with you... Ever since you defied the Admins during the Attack on Capital City, and left us all to die!

[Ultra]: I did what had to be done.

[Toon]: Sub died because of you abandoning us and forming your own little Faction!

[Ultra]: I did what I had to do to save as many lives as possible! It was a suicide mission and you all knew it! The Exodus had to be done! The Admins wanted us all to die, but I saved a lot of us. By forming the Ultra Singularity-

[Toon, quietly]: I miss the days when you were still the Ultra I used to know...

[He rolls his eyes, and turns to leave, but then he stops, freezing.]

[Toon]: Wait... Something is wrong. Where is Ren?

[Ultra]: Ren is busy.. elsewhere.. on a private operation..

[Toon]: What about Steve, and the others?

[Ultra]: Classified. Now, if you wouldn't mind gracing us with your absence...

[Ultra turns around, and faces the window.]

[Toon]: Ultra, this isn't you! Look around you! The Wikilands are tearing apart from the seams! War counts for nothing! In fact, war makes things worse!

Multitrixes Ravine,
Outskirts of Edgetown NOW

[Cut to some Ultra Singularity soldiers wearing bulky iron armor, composed of robotic gauntlets over their arms, enveloping them, along with gloves, they sneak up past, and reach a huge cube-like structure. They are revealed to be Steve, with green hair, Sixef with brown hair and blue eyes, and Curtis, with brown eyes and brown hair.]

[Steve]: Alright, we'll sneak in, capture Cat, and we'll be out. No sticking around, or collecting samples, Sixef.

[Sixef]: This is the Edgelords Base, the headquarters of the Edgelords, on the outskirts of the Edgetown, erected by the Edgelord leader, the Ferocious-

[Steve]: Sixef, we already know everything we need. We know all about the Edgelord base, and we are ready to sneak in.

[Sixef]: Okay, but there's one more thing we need to know.. The Edgelords keep hordes of ocelots as guards on the edges of the walls and-

[Curtis]: That's why we have the fish.

[Sixef]: Yes, but, said ocelots were put in by the Cat, who we dub the Feline, the current leader of the Edgelords due to his love of ocelots specifically.

[Steve]: Ugh, why didn't Ahmad come with us? Why did he just send me with you?

[Sixef]: Super lieutenant Ahmad coming along would be outrageous and he is currently on a mission to-

[Curtis]: Guys... Shhh.. They're coming out..

[Clara is shown coming out from the base in the distance, followed by two soldiers. She walks over near them, and Steve takes out a hilt, which grows from both sides in light-saber fashion, becoming a bo-staff. Sixef prepares his lightsaber blaster, and Curtis looks out, watching her come. He silently gestures them to move, and they move to behind another tree.]

[Clara and her ocelots come nearby. Steve prepares himself to engage, but Clara soon moves away with her ocelots. Steve releases his breath, and he turns towards his allies.]

[Steve]: Alright, unpack. We need to go light.

[They press a button on their armors, and their armors retract. Steve is shown wearing a green shirt with a turtle symbol, Curtis wearing a gold shirt, and Sixef wearing a black shirt.]

[Curtis]: Ready.

[Steve]: Let's go in.

Scidra Manor Lab
Confederation of Scidra NOW

[Cut to the dark room with Ulti, Brandon and Nicholas. The latter two are still unconscious, but Ulti is wide awake, talking to Echo6 and Reo.]

[Echo6]: You think we wanted this war to happen? We didn't! But things went out of hand and we have to do what we have to do.

[Ulti]: Fine, think what you want. Just let Brandon and Nicholas go! They're neutral like the Admins. Like me!

[Echo6]: As far as we're concerned, they're prisoners of war. They trespassed on Scidra territory.

[Mattimeo]: And they edited the terrain several times..

[Ulti]: Wrong! We were very far from any territory that you people call yours! You just want the neutrals for yourself!

[Sci, offscreen]: Why is it something happens every time I'm away?

[The camera rotates to show Sci entering the room and walking towards him, with Dyten and Dakota by his side].

[Sci]: Why are you treating our guest like this?

[Reo]: Sorry, m'lord. I'll let him go.

[Echo6 presses a few buttons on the command console and Ulti's tube opens. He jumps out].

[Ulti]: Sci, I know you still have a heart somewhere in there. Let Brandon and Nicholas go. Please, I'm begging you. They didn't do anything!

[Sci]: I'm sorry, Ulti, but trespassers will be prosecuted. The only reason you haven't been captured is because I honor the code to leave the Admins free. However, there is nothing to protect Brad and Nathan.

[Ulti]: Their names are Brandon and Nicholas, you... you... I used to look up to you!

[Sci, sighing]: Ulti, Ulti... Old friend, when will you stop saying these pointless things? You believe in pointless morals, you believe in following the outdated codes of elders, who have long since been corrupted, and died off!

[Ulti]: If they died off, then why continue this pointless war?

[Sci]: I thought only the old Admins were corrupt, but now I see even you are now corrupted, Ulti.

[Ulti]: Stop lying to yourself! You are doing this for yourself, there was never any corruption!

[Sci]: Oh? Then who killed the Great Roads? Who ended the Golden Age?

[Ulti]: We don't know! You all never gave us a chance to investigate! You just went out and defected! If anything, YOU ended the golden age! You are, after all, as they call you, a fiend!

[Sci]: I see how it is now... I am sorry old friend.

[He turns to Reo, who raises his eyebrow.]

[Sci]: Reo, Dyten, detain him.

[Reo pulls out his two katana's, and Dyten pulls out his dragonglass sword. Ulti pulls out his banhammer. Reo charges at him, swinging two katana's. Ulti defends with the banhammer, and then kicks forward, firing a purple energy arc at Reo. Reo dodges, and Dyten hits Ulti from behind with the back of his dragonglass sword.]

[Ulti falls down, unconscious once more, as they drag him to the tube.]

[Sci]: Oh, Ulti.. Why did you force me to do this?

[A rumbling occurs, and Shahzeb runs in, panicking.]

[Shahzeb]: M'Lord, King of Scions and Elders, we are under attack by the Edgelords!

[End of Act III.]

Act III: Old FriendsEdit

Edgelord Base
Edgetown NOW

[We see the Edgelord Base, a huge fortrified factory-like building, with cement walls and spiked nets above them. It looks somewhat like a cube. Steve, Sixef and Curtis are hanging by near a wall, waiting for Clara's ocelots to move. They are wearing masks over their faces. Steve gestures them to move, and they run through, sneaking in.]

[Cut to Rob and Wat, playing cards, in an dark kitchen room.]

[Rob]: Do you have any two's?

[Wat]: What... (glances at his cards) No fair! You are cheating again!

[Rob]: Am not. You're the one who's hiding cards below the table.

[Wat]: Wat no! I'm not!

[Clara walks in, holding a pistol. She opens the fridge, grabs an apple and starts eating it.]

[Rob]: Hey Clara...

[Clara]: I'm bored. Can someone pleaaase go on guard duty instead of me? I'll give you a cookie!

[Wat]: Five cookies.

[He grins, and Clara shakes her head.]

[Clara]: One is all I'm giving. You're gonna have to make use of it, little guy.

[Wat]: ..did you just call me little guy?

[He pulls out a gun, pointing it at her.]

[Rob]: Woah, it was just a joke, dude.

[Wat]: Well..

[He clicks the trigger, and a flag comes out of his gun, announcing "Sike".]

[Wat]: So was this. Heheh.

[Clara begins to laugh, while Rob looks away, frowning. He notices a shadow, and perks up.]

[Rob]: Wait, guys..

[Steve and Curtis are shown skipping past through the shadows in a hallway. Sixef sees something, and gasps. Steve gestures him to be silent. Sixef shakes his head, and points at a door that passed by. Steve raises an eyebrow. Curtis turns on his night vision goggles, and sees a crowned skull symbol on that door.]

[Sixef, whispering]: We're already there. I think they moved-

[Curtis hushes him, and footsteps are heard.]

[Rob, yelling offscreen]: Who's there?

[Steve looks up in shock, and steps back, hitting into Clara.]

[Clara]: Not so fast, kid.

[She pulls out a gun, and points it at Steve.]

[Curtis]: Well, what now?

[Sixef]: I believe now we fight!

[He pulls out a lightsaber blaster, and opens fire at Clara, who rolls across the ground, opening fire as well from her pistol. Curtis brings out his lightsaber and activates it, then he lunges at Rob, but his attack is stopped by Wat, who uses a buzzsaw to push him back. Steve brings out a black staff and holds it horizontally. Two red energy blades emerge from each end and he spins it rapidly, deflecting all bullets fired by Clara's pistol, until it runs out of ammo.] 

[Clara]: Hey, no fair, robo nerd! Wat, toss me your Magnum pistol! 

[Wat, still trying to cut Curtis with his buzzsaw, reaches for his utility belt, grabs his Magnum pistol and throws it at Clara, who catches, while simultaneously evading blasts from Sixef's blaster. Rob swings his chains at Steve's staff, but he spins in in a way that pulls Rob closer to him, then elbows him in the face, knocking him back. Curtis escapes from WaT's grip by doing a backflip, then assuming a fighting stance. Sixef and Clara exchange shots with one another, neither managing to hit the other. Rob recovers and wraps his chains around Steve's legs, then drags them back, causing him to fall down. Wat reaches for his back, bringing out a large AK-47.] 

[Wat, grinning]: Prepare to meet the Goremaker, you robot freaks! 

[He takes aim at Curtis and fires, with the latter using his lightsaber to attempt to block the shot, however, the bullet manages to pierce his shoulder. Curtis lets out a weak scream and almost loses grip of his lightsaber.] 

[Curtis]: Gah! 

[Sixef]: Curtis! 

[He does a side roll, while at the same time blasting non stop at Clara, who hides behind a column. Rob begins whipping Steve, who blocks the majority of the attacks with his staff. Steve then quickly gets up, holding the staff with his right hand and launches it like a javelin at Wat, hitting his Goremaker, piercing it in half.] 

[Wat, shocked]: My Goremaker! No! 

[Steve]: Oh, I broke off your chew toy. Why don't you ask Mommy to get you another? 

[Wat grabs his buzzsaw and charges at Steve. As the battle rages on, the camera turns towards the hall, showing CaT, equipped with his grenade launcher, advancing towards the others, agitated.] 

[CaT]: Now, what the heck is- (notices the fight going on) How did we get infiltrated?! 

[Rob]: We were just taking care of them, boss! 

[Sixef, stunned]: Cat, who we dub the Ferocious Feline to annoy him, leader of the Edgelords. It is rumored that- 

[Steve, taking back his staff]: Sixef, just shut up and fight! 

[CaT]: There's no way I'm going to let you trash this place even more! This battle is finished! 

[He brings up his grenade launcher, then takes aim. The Edgelord members take the cue and quickly get out of the way, while the Ultra Singularity members stand there in shock, as they get hit by a devastating grenade. When the dust settles, only Steve is barely conscious.] 

[Steve]: Long...Live...the Ultra- 

[He gets hit in the head by the butt of Wat's Magnum pistol.] 

[Wat]: He was done talking. 

[Clara]: You know, this caused more damage to the place than if we- 

[She stares at CaT, who has an angry look on his face and she stops talking.] 

[Rob]: What do we do with those infiltrators, boss? 

[CaT]: We have no reason to keep assassins. Just behead them.

Ultra Citadel
Ultratopia NOW

[Meanwhile, Toon is energy-cuffed to the wall in a dingy dungeon in the Ultra Citadel, watched over by Thax and Creep.]

[Toon]: You are all making a mistake. I'm an Admin. You can't do this.

[Thax]: What an Admin you are anyway. (scoffs)

[Creep]: Yeah, all you did during the Attack on Capital City was save your own skin, and left everyone else. If It wasn't for Ultra leading us out of the city.

[Toon]: I was a moderator back then, okay?! I was learning how to do my job!

[Creep]: But we did that job. We saved the city.

[Toon]: You all don't understand anything. This was way harder than you think it is.

[Thax and Creep stare at him in disbelief, with Creep fiddling nervously with the hilt of his lightsaber.]

[Toon]: We, moderators lost our lives during the attack. All of them died, except for me. It was a losing battle.

[Thax]: Shame that the last one would be you. If only it would have been the great Sub.

[Toon]: Why you little!

[Toon struggles to break out of the cuffs, but is electrocuted. An Ultra Sentry enters the room.]

[Ultra Sentry]: The master would like for you to come to the throne room, for a meeting.

[We cut ahead a few minutes. Ultra is sitting on his throne, with Ahmad and a few Ultra Sentries by his side. The camera pans to show Thax and Creep entering the room. As they approach Ultra, they kneel.]

[Thax and Creep]: Long live the Ultra Singularity.

[They get up.]

[Ultra]: Alright, meeting time.

[Ahmad steps forward.]

[Ahmad]: I just came back from infiltrating Scidra and I got a signal from Steve. They've been captured. I request an army to go rescue them.

[Ultra]: I thought they were trained to do better than that. (sighs) Oh well. You have permission to set out with the army. All Ultra Singularity members must join the drafting.

[Creep]: Yes, master, but what do we do with Toon?

[Ahmad]: What do you mean?

[Thax]: He's in the dungeon.

[Ahmad, furious]: What? Are you crazy?! This is a diplomatic crisis. We can't-

[Ultra waves his hand, signifying Ahmad to keep quiet. Creep is shown fiddling with his lightsaber's hilt.]

[Ultra]: It is all under control. Toon is our hostage. As long as we hold Toon, we need to make sure nobody else knows. If they do, we'd offer negotiation terms. What did you see when you were on Scidra territory?

[Ahmad, taking a deep breath]: Sentries have detected a teleportation signal going towards the Edgelords. It's an Admin.

Multitrixes Ravine,
Outskirts of Edgetown NOW

[Cut to the large hall in the Edgelords' base, where all the Edgelords are watching in anticipation of Sixef, Steve and Curtis' beheading. Clara and Wat are by their side, watching them.]

[Clara]: I wonder how his green head would look like when it's detached.

[Steve, with his green hair, looks down, annoyed. Curtis groans.]

[Curtis]: You're crazy, you and your faction

[Clara]: Hey!

[Cat, offscreen]: Shut up, everyone!

[He enters the room.]

[CaT]: Clara, what did I tell you about talking to prisoners?

[Clara]: Geez, have a little fun once in a while! Why should you be so edgey?

[Sixef]: Well, that is technically part of the name and-

[Steve, quietly]: Sixef... Please...

[Sixef nods, understanding. He mutters something, and looks down at the ground.]

[Rob, offscreen]: Boss, we- uh. (sees Sixef being hung on the beheading apparatus) Wow, well, um.

[He walks in, and nods at everyone. Clara and Wat quietly giggle, pointing at him. Rob walks in calmly, and puts his leg out as Wat is moving, and he trips, falling on his face.]

[CaT]: What is it, Rob?

[Rob]: We have visitors.

[Yopo walks in, Bat supporting him as he walks.]

[Cat]: Old friend, what happened to you?

[Yopo walks in, and everyone gives him a nod.]

[Yopo]: I had an injury a bit ago.. I'd like to talk to you about in private, or just you and your lieutenants.

[Cat]: Alright. Rob, take away the prisoners.

[Yopo]: Wait.

[Yopo limps to the prisoners, and he watches them, with Sixef being very nervous and sweating, Steve looking down at the ground, and Curtis eyeing everyone furiously. Bat walks over, looking at them.]

[Bat]: Yopo..?

[Yopo]: You three, if any of you would like to turn neutral, we will help you. You will be under the protection of the Admins.

[Rob]: Bull crap. Why would an assassin be granted forgiveness? They tried to kill Cat!

[Yopo]: They will still be put on a trial by Admin laws, and might be banished for a duration, but would not be killed. What do you think?

[Sixef has an uneasy look as he looks at Curtis, who groans.]

[Curtis, under his breath]: Long live the Ultra Singularity.

[Yopo sighs, and turns to Sixef, who is still uneasy.]

[Yopo]: Well...?

[Sixef]: ...I am no traitor... I believe in this cause, and I will die forever a worthy Ultra Singularity man... Only cowards defect..

[Yopo]: Well... (sigh) Steve?

[Steve]: Long live the Ultra Singularity, the Worthy Above All and the King of the Exodus.

[Cat]: Wat, Clara, Take these away for now. I will have to have a talk with my old friend..

[Clara]: 'Kay.

[Wat scurries off to bring them down from the beheading apparatus.]

[Cat walks off, and Yopo, supported by Bat and Rob follow after him. He enters a dark throne room, that is empty, and Cat sits down in the big throne.]

[Cat]: So, tell me, old friend. What brings you here? Besides freeing all my prisoners, that is.

[Yopo]: I believe we all deserve a chance at redemption, and being neutral in this war that pits users against themselves, a chance that I myself took.

[Cat]: And you left us. On a good note, anyway. You said, "Oh, cat, I am sorry, I can't do this anymore..."

[Yopo]: "...I need to get out of the battlefield, and stay in the sidelines."

[Cat]: Yet you still were promoted to Admin.

[Yopo]: After your army invaded Capital City, all that mattered was that what was left of the neutrals survives. I had to step up and be an Admin.

[Cat]: So you think we were the ones to kill all these people at Capital City.

[Yopo]: I'm not particularly sure who did.. No one knows for sure, but I know that some of their blood is in your hands anyway...

[Cat]: That is a dangerous accusation, are you willing to forget our friendship and accuse me of that?

[Yopo]: ...No, especially not now. Right now, we need to bring in all the unity among us that we can get.

[Cat raises his eyebrows, looking Yopo down.]

[Yopo]: Dark forces are gathering...

[The camera zooms in towards Yopo's face, as he begins having a flashback.]

The Uncharted Lands
South of the Wikilands Earlier

[In a dark desert-like place, Yopo, Mig, and Bat are being attacked by users of various colors and the sort, all with degenerated skin, attacking in hordes.]

[Bat]: Uh, guys, I'm not sure looking for neutrals this far south was such a good idea anyway!

[He dodges an attack from a YJ clone, then stabs him with a knife on his arm, and kicks him away. Yopo charges through, swinging his banhammer around, he hits several trolls, and they vanish into blue light, fading away. Mig swings his banhammer, throwing it forward. It hits several trolls in a line. He kicks forward, creating an orange energy arc that flies towards a troll, causing him to distort out of reality.]

[Mig]: Because we want to make sure we got every single neutral, bro.

[Yopo]: A bit far fetched. But we'll try!

[Bat]: Well, if you guys want to stay, I suggest a tactical retreat!

[Mig]: Good idea, bro!

[He slams his hammer on top of a YJ clone, as he explodes into orange energy. The trio teleport away to behind a rock formation, where the troll army keeps looking for them.]

[Bat]: What's the plan?

[Yopo]: We should go back to the Edgelords, Cat will hear me out and helps us out in this. But if we try to go in one go, my teleporter will fry...

[Mig]: Alright, bro.. Here's mine then.

[He gives his teleporter belt to Bat, but the ground begins shaking immediately after.]

[Mig]: They are returning..

[Yopo]: They seem to be marching on us.. Like they are being lead..

[Yopo presses a button, and he is teleported to the top of a nearby hill. He observes the horde, and he sees the trolls gathering up like an army.]

[He sees something, then quickly teleports next to Mig and Bat, the former who is frantically throwing around his banhammer, and kicking forward to produce the orange energy arc to ban them.]

[Mig]: Oh come on, bro! We both know that our communications satellite is knocked out of the sky! Why did you go far again?

[Yopo]: I was right. They are being lead. Something is coming...

[Bat]: What kind of some-

[An earthquake rocks everyone, and Bat looks up, as the ground separates, dividing Bat and Yopo from Mig slightly, as their cover hill sinks to the abyss. The trolls march up to them, as a giant twelve feet tall user appears, with Yopo standing in front of him to face him.]

[Yopo]: You.. You were supposed to be dead.

[Bat]: Who's that?

[Yopo]: This is the awakened Titan, Duncan Crook.

[Duncan roars.]

[Duncan]: Yes, indeed, old friend! At long last, I've returned to Wikilands, my most prized creation. Or... at least it used to be.

[Brief flashback of Duncan standing on top of a cliff, with Batking, Lumin, Wai and Weirdo standing behind him, each wielding banhammers like present day Mig and Yopo.]

[Duncan, voice over]: When I left, it wasn't because I wanted to abandon you, but rather to let you evolve on your own, without my influence, to create your own future.

[Duncan is shown descending in a huge sphere, as Lumin, Weirdo, Plasma, and Yopo watch over him.]

[Duncan, voice over]: I see now that I was mistaken. Very mistaken. You took this world, full of wonder and potential and reaped it to shreds, leaving behind nothing but ruins. I can't forgive you for this.

[CaT, wielding a grenade launcher, runs towards Scidra, who begins to form dark tendrils around himself. The two collide, with their armies revealed behind them.]

[Duncan]: All I wanted was for you to coexist, share ideas, respect one other and reach perfection. But that was impossible. You're slaughtering one another, being uncaring, ruthless, monstrous. Your existence will no longer be tolerated.

[Yopo looks up in shock, as Mig slowly tries to make his way for them. Duncan widens the division between them, as Mig falls back on his back, watching.]

[Duncan]: Prepare, citizens of the Wikilands... Judgement Day has arrived.

[He pummels down Yopo with his giant fist, who hastily uses his banhammer to deflect that.]

[Yopo, straining]: Mig... run!

[Duncan breaks through, and knocks Yopo backwards. Yopo puts his palm on the ground, as he edits the terrain, creating a wall to separate Mig from the others.]

[Duncan again swats Yopo, sending him again at the ground. Yopo coughs out blood. Bat suddenly steps in front of Yopo to defend him.]

[Bat]: Stop it! Why are you doing this?! This is not right! I thought you wanted peace and prosperity for us!

[Duncan, chuckling]: No, feeble Wikian. You people no longer deserve prosperity, you only deserve... death.

[Yopo jumps up, as Duncan emits a powerful green laser from his mouth, aiming straight at them. Yopo teleports them out at the last second. They reappear a few feet behind Duncan, as Yopo coughs blood, exhausted. The trolls begin marching at them again.]

[Yopo, weakly]: I'm sorry... Bat...

[Bat]: But I'm not. And let the consequences be damned.

[Duncan begins moving towards them, as Bat pulls out Mig's teleporter, and types in on it, as he and Yopo begin glowing. They teleport out, as the trolls attack where they were in rage.]

Edgelords Base
Edgetown Now

[Yopo is standing in front of CaT, with Bat supporting him.]

[Yopo, continuing]: And so we came in here, and we have fried Mig's teleporter. He is still alive out there, and we need to go get him.

[CaT]: So he has returned... Rob, prepare the armies.

[He leaves to grab his gun, and prepares to put on his grey Edgelord jacket.]

[Rob]: But what about the other Edgelords who are attacking Scidra?

[Bat gasps, Yopo raises his eyebrow.]

[CaT]: Call them back. But if they don't return, so be it. We'll make do.

Act IV: Clash of the TitansEdit

Confederation of Scidra
Scidra Manor Now

[A loud alarm sound is heard. Aaron, Primal and Nas stop walking and assume fighting stances.]

[Primal]: Oh, come on, they found us?

[Nas]: Of course they did, you fan weirdo!

[Primal, his right eye twitching]: Maybe Echo was right. We do suck at stealth.

[Aaron]: Both of you idiots, shut up and get ready to fight for your lives!

[The sound of loud footsteps is heard, as Echo, Shahzeb and Mattimeo arrive on the scene. Echo and Primal instantly lock stares.]

[Echo/Primal, simultaneously]: I've got Primal!/I've got Echo!

[They charge after one another. Aaron runs with blinding speed towards Shazheb, who manages to strike him with his keyblade in the gut, knocking him down. Mattimeo pulls out his staff and lunges at Nas, who evades and kicks him in the knee, then uppercuts him.]

[Echo]: I will make you suffer, fan fetishist!

[Primal, not saying a word, swings his fan at him. Echo makes simple sidesteps, easily dodging the attacks.]

[Echo, grinning]: That seemed to strike a nerve, eh, fan fetishist?

[Primal, twitching with raw fury, increases the speed of his swings, yet fails to hit Echo.]

[Echo, grinning]: Come on, you know you want to let all that rage out. What do you say, fan-

[Primal]: FANIST SCUM!

[He throws his fan at Echo's face, the blunt force knocking him unconscious.]

[Primal, retrieving his fan]: Next time, don't gloat so much.

[As he says that, he is tackled by Mattimeo, who raises his staff, ready to deliver the lethal blow. However, he is grabbed by Nas by the neck, who pulls him back.]

[Nas, struggling]: Primal, go take care of the others. We can handle it here!

[Primal, quickly nods, gets up and starts running down the hall, barely dodging a blast from Shazheb's keyblade. When he has covered enough distance, he slows down and takes deep breath.]

[Primal]: Take care of the others? Sure, no pressure at all!

[Unknown Voice]: Help!

[Primal]: Huh? Who said that?...Nicholas?

[Nicholas]: Primal? Please, you gotta help us!

[Primal]: Dude, where are you? I'm in the middle of a hall...There's a painting of a forest on one of the walls...

[Unknown Voice]: Just go straight, then make a left turn!

[Primal, whispering]: Brandon too? I swear, if this is some Scidra trick...

[He sighs, then follows Brandon's instructions, soon meeting Nicholas, Brandon and an unconscious Ulti, surrounded by a violet force field.]

[Primal, shocked]: Ulti is here too? What the-

[Brandon]: Dude, hurry up and free us!

[Nicholas]: Anyone else with you?

[Primal]: Yeah, Aaron and Nas. Wait, how do I know you are the real deal and not some trick?

[Brandon, sighing]: Orange socks.

[Nicholas]: What?

[Primal, smiling]: Okay, hang in there, guys, I'll free you.

[Nicholas]: Am I missing something...?

[Brandon]: It's a long story.

[Primal examines the force field, then looks at his fan. He points it at the force field and pushes a button, causing air to blow at it, without anything else happening.]

[Nicholas]: Yeah, we're doomed. I knew we shouldn't trust a fan-

[Primal, twitching]: A fan WHAT?!

[Nicholas, gulping]: ...Enthusiast?

[Primal]: Yeah, okay.

[He scratches his head, trying to come up with a solution. After a few seconds, he throws his fan at the force field, which causes it to bounce back.]

[Brandon]: Dude, what the hell?

[The forcefield begins to flicker and then completely shuts down. Primal gives a smug smile at the two.]

[Nicholas]: That was pure luck and you know it.

[Brandon, slapping Ulti]: Ulti, wake up man!

[Ulti, his eyes opening]: Huh...

[The sound of footsteps is once again heard, this time signaling the arrival of Aaron and Nas, who approach the others.]

[Nas]: So, did you take care of the-Woah....

[Aaron]: Neutrals? And an Admin?

[He takes out his pistol, pointing it at the trio.]

[Nicholas]: Ulti, get us out of here, now!

[Ulti, regaining full consciousness, quickly presses a button on his teleporter belt, causing him, Brandon and Nicholas to vanish in a flash of green light.]

[Aaron, lowering his gun]: Primal...what the hell happened?

[Primal]: Uh...they were trapped in a force field and I-

[Nas]: You freed them?!

[Aaron]: You are a moron. I hope Cat forgives you for this.

[They are interrupted by the sound of more footsteps, as Reo and Dyten arrive at the scene.]

Uncharted Lands
South of Scidra Now

[Ren, wearing bulky made out of stainless steel armor, with a red and blue color scheme, along with a red cape, blue robotic guantlets over his wrists, a blue horned helmet with a red visor, is flying out through the air, using jet boots to fly.]

[Ren]: Alright, one last time, (to earpiece) Base, do you hear me? Base?

[He hears static on the other line, and growls. He points a device forward, and it edges towards the north, which is straight ahead. He presses a button, and a recording beep is heard.]

[Ren, to intercom]: Alright, Super Commander Ren here, on report #1433. I am headed towards the Ultra citadel to report the sightings of the troll horde approaching. Confederation of Scidra is up ahead. If I keep heading north, I'll have to run into them... I'll need to go back to the ruins of Capital City, see if there's any-

[He notices something in the distance, and he lands. He turns on his visor, and it slides down, covering his face. He scans the area, checking in X-ray vision. He spots a figure walking in the distance. He presses a button, and his visor focuses on that figure, revealed to be a robed figure.]

[Ren, to intercom]: I see something.. I think its enemy, probably Scidra. Super Commander Ren Out.

[He presses a button, and he keeps heading forward, walking. He steps up behind a hill, looking at the figure. He counts to ten silently, and charges at him, grabbing him from behind, removing his hood.]

[Ren]: Don't make a move. Identify yourself.

[The figure is revealed to be Dakota, who grimaces when he hears his voice.]

[Dakota]: I am Dakota of Scidra. And I don't appreciate being captured by Singularity scum like you.

[He pulls out a huge broadsword, and hits Ren, throwing him backwards.]

[Dakota]: Sturdy armor, but nothing my broadsword can't break.

[Ren clicks a button on his helmet, and the visor slides up, revealing his face.]

[Dakota]: Wait.. Ren?

[Ren]: What are you doing here? I need to get back home in order-

[Dakota charges at him, swinging his sword and hitting Ren in the arm. Ren recoils, as Dakota slaps him in the side with his sword, sending him flying backwards.]

[Dakota]: You betrayed us! I asked for your help when the Edgelords were attacking us during Capital City, and all you did, was leave me alone in the rubble, and leave with a robot-crazed maniac!

[Dakota pulls out a bow and arrow, and aims at Ren, shooting his leg.]

[Ren]: Look! If we didn't leave, you would have killed us all! You Scidra scum kept killing neutrals, until we couldn't do anything more. We had to step up. We had to do the Exodus!

[Dakota]: Oh yeah? That's why you left us to die? To save your skin?

[Dakota charges at him, swinging his broadsword. Ren's visor glows crimson, and he shoots an energy blast at Dakota, hitting his sword and knocking it out of his hand.]

[Ren]: Would you just listen?! Now is not the time for-

[Mig, offscreen]: Ren's right.

[Mig walks in, limping. He sets down his banhammer on the ground, and sits next to it.]

[Mig]: The trolls are coming.

[Dakota]: I know. Scidra had sent me earlier to investigate the troll hordes. And I ran into this guy.

[Ren]: Me as well. The Singularity was working on a formula to prevent trolls from creating clones, especially YJ who is famous for it.

[Dakota]: What about you, Mig? Why are you here? Where are the other Admins?

[Mig]: Yopo and I were looking for a few neutrals to save, but we ran into something else...

[Flashback to Duncan from Mig's prespective standing tall and swatting at the screen.]

[Mig]: Seems as though Duncan's back with a whole troll army.. 

[Ren]: But why would he want to destroy us?

[Mig]: He thinks we did a horrible job on BTFF. He plans to destroy everything. He's gonna punish us all.

[Dakota]: Can you teleport us to Scidra? I'll have to talk to Sci..

[Mig]: Can't do that, bro. I lost my teleporter and I'm stuck here like you guys. We need a better way back.

[Ren]: I'd offer to fly us, but my jet boots aren't suited to fly all three of us...

[Dakota]: Alright, so we walk. To Scidra.

[Ren]: Will they listen?

[Mig]: I don't think so. Let's go.

[The three begin marching on, with Ren flying overhead to scout the areas.]

[Dakota, walking]: Where is Yopo now?

[Mig, walking]: He and Bat took left to talk to the Edgelords probably, bro. 

[Dakota, walking]: What about Toon and Ulti?

[Mig, walking]: Well, Ulti and some neutrals were captured by someone.. We thought it was the singularity.

[Ren, flying above]: No, the Singularity would never capture neutrals...

[Mig, walking]: Well, Toon went to talk to the Singularity about it... I hope he succeeded..

[Ren, flying above]: The Singularity would never do that, and Toon will find that out himself.

[Dakota, walking]: Scidra wouldn't do it either. Could it be the Edgelords?

[Mig, sighing]: At this point, bros, who knows?

[Ren, stopping]: Wait, I see something up ahead.

[Dakota]: What is it?

[Ren, his visor flashing red]: Bad news, fellas.

[Mig, bringing out his banhammer]: Ren, don't leave us hanging, man.

[Ren]: It's a troll horde...and it's approaching, fast.

[Dakota]: What do we do?

[Mig, determined]: We fight.

[The unlikely trio stand united, as a massive horde of trolls rapidly approaches them. Ren's visor glows a crimson red, as he unleashes a devastating optic beam, annihilating the first wave. Dakota pulls out his bow and arrows and shoots several of them. Mig swings his banhammer, but at the very last moment misses his intended target.]

[Ren, blasting trolls]: Mig, what are you doing, man. It's hammer time!

[Mig, dodging]: If I try to ban any of them, Duncan would instantly know of our location. I think we should avoiding editing as well.

[Dakota, swinging his bow]: Good to know. So, are you going to stand there or what?

[Mig reaches for his utility belt, grabbing a small dagger and plunges it into the throat of one of the trolls, desperately trying to scream.]

[Mig, smirking]: Not a chance, bros.

[The trio continue their standoff. Ren charges with blinding speed towards some of the trolls and uppercuts them into the stratosphere, Dakota releases a volley of arrows and Mig cuts throats left and right. Soon, the troll clones are reduced to a mere dozen, until one remains. It is surprisingly docile, though no less sinister.]

[Dakota]: Alright, last one. Who wants the kill?

[Mig]: Wait, I know that troll. It's a clone sock of...

[Troll clone, sticking out its tongue]: Ermacpunk, noobs! Hehehe.

[Dakota]: ...I have no idea who this is.

[Ermacpunk]: Fite me noobs! Hehehe.

[Dakota]: ...Is he suffering from brain damage?

[Mig]: Don't let its stupidity fool you. That thing's pure evil.

[Ermacpunk]: You all is stupid, lololol. Imma call the big boss on your noobs!

[He tries to touch the ground, but Ren blasts his arms off.]

[Ren]: Don't even think about vandalizing any page.

[Ermacpunk, grinning]: K, won't vendel it, imma just whistle. Hehehehe.

[Before he can do anything, a green laser beam pierces the Ermacpunk clone through the skull and he drops dead to the ground.]

[Ren]: That wasn't me...

[Mig, shocked]: No freaking way...

[He looks at the mysterious savor, who has jet black hair, and armor that appears charred and rusty. He has two katana-like appendages on his belt, and a special backpack on his back. He lets out a deep sigh, then nods towards the others.]

[Mig, in shock]: Paper?!

Ultra Citadel
Ultropia Now

[Ahmad walks in into Thax's lab.]

[Ahmad]: How is the progress?

[Thax]: We are 75% finished in progress when it comes to the anti-cloning antidote, we just need some strands of troll cloned DNA and some final processing. I was hoping Super Commander Ren would-

[Ahmad]: The anti-cloning matters not! Right now, I want you to finish creating weapons.

[Thax]: we quit the processing of the antidote?

[Ahmad]: The Great Ultra---your king---has issued a call to arms for all Ultra Singularity military. We are headed out to confront the Edgelords and retrieve our hostages. These contengencies for stopping potential troll invasions are pointless.

[Thax]: But, Super Lieutenant... We can't afford to quit the process at this stage, we need-

[Ahmad grabs a nearby lightsaber hilt.]

[Thax]: Please don't touch that! It's still experimental and-

[Ahmad presses a green button and it fires a laser straight at the wall, causing a dent in the metallic surface. Thax stands dumbfounded.]

[Ahmad]: And it's fully functioning. Weaponize it.

[He tosses it to Thax, who quickly catches it.]

[Thax]: It is just that, earlier, Creep activated one of the prototypes and he ended up causing an explosion that lead to-

[Ahmad]: Finish weaponizing it and put on your suit.

[Ahmad walks out. Creep walks in, seeing Ahmad. He walks over to the lightsaber hilt.]

[Thax]: Hey! Don't touch the red button!

[Creep prepares to press the red button, and Thax jumps over to him, pushing him over as the lightsaber hilt is launched in the air and fires a laser at the cieling. It falls back in, and Thax catches it.]

[Creep]: But, red buttons are irresistible..

[Thax]: The red button is the experimental self-destruct button... Only green fires.

[Creep]: Oh... Well.

The Uncharted Lands
Ruins of Capital City Now

[Paper, Ren, Mig and Dakota are seen approaching a huge ruined city.]

[Paper]: I've been in hiding around the troll hordes in here since the Attack.

[Paper flashes back to a brilliant metropolis, Capital City, as the camera pans down to show armies advancing on it.]

[Paper]: That day, all I saw was blood and death. Commander Sub fought valiantly, but even he couldn't handle such overwhelming force. 

[Commander Sub is shown, wielding a large banhammer and swinging it with righteous fury towards a few slenderbeasts. The monstrosities dissipate in a cloud of black smoke, but more arrive every second.] 

[Paper]: I couldn't believe that Sci would become so...disillusioned. To demote himself and then strike back against his's like I couldn't recognize him anymore. He had become something heinous, a Fiend. 

[Sci is shown, with an army of selnderbeasts behind him, as they approach.]

[Dakota]: How dare you insult Lord Sci like that? He was the only one who led us to salvation and- 

[Ren, interrupting]: No, it was the Great Ultra who tried to save us, during the Exodus. We're-We're the good guys..

[Paper]: ...That fateful day, we lost so much. The entirety of the Community Team perished, save for one Mod and an Admin. 

[Mig]: Toon and Ulti. Yopo and I were promoted afterwards. 

[Paper]: I noticed. 

[Ren]: But why did you hide in the first place? 

[Paper]: Bearing witness to all that took a heavy toll on me. I chose to demote myself and spare myself from this mess. 

[Sub, Dark and Plasma are shown fighting slenderbeasts, before becoming overwhelmed. Back to the present, Paper lowers his head to the ground and clenches his fists.]

[Dakota]: Hey, are you alright?

[Paper, regaining his composure]: Yes. I suggest we keep moving. We can't afford to fall into any traps the trolls may have set up. We are almost there.

[The others nod and follow Paper.]


[CaT, along with Rob, Wat, Clara, Yopo and Bat step outside the fortress, being followed by an army of tanks behind. As they walk for a few minutes, they eventually stop, as they see Ahmad, Thax, Creeper and a legion of Ultra Sentries approaching them. CaT orders with a silent gesture for his forces to stop and Ahmad does the same.]

[CaT, raising his goggles]: Listen, we don't want any trouble.

[Ahmad, his visor glowing]: Is that so? Then explain why you had Steve, Curtis and Sixef imprisoned?

[Wat]: Um, maybe because they infiltrated our base, you robot-

[CaT]: Wat, shut up and let me do the talking.

[Thax]: There is an Admin and a neutral with you. Have you captured them as well?

[CaT]: Of course not. And if you would let me explain-

[Ahmad]: Oh, I think we are way past listening to your pathetic excuses. Or tolerating your existence for that matter.

[Clara]: Wow, he is such a nerd.

[Ahmad]: And your tendency to mock us is not helping your case in the slightest.

[Rob]: Look, you are not our main priority right now. What we are trying to do-

[Ahmad, interrupting]: I couldn't care less about your opinion, Edgelord. However, as a sign of good faith, I will consult our great leader for our next cause of action.

[He taps a button on the side of his helmet, activating his intercom.]

[Ahmad]: Great Ultra, we have visual confirmation of members of the Edgelords, along with an Admin and a neutral, accompanied by an army of tanks. Should we engage?

[There is a moment of static noise, before a loud beep is heard.]

[Ultra, through intercom]: Kill the Edgelords and salvage their equipment. Show no restraint.

[Ahmad]: Your will shall be done. Thax, if you would like the honors.

[Thax presses a few buttons on his gauntlet, causing the Ultra Snetries behind him to raise their arms, their palms glowing with crimson energy.]

[Ultra Sentries]: Exterminate the Edgelords! For the glory of the Great Ultra!

[Bat, worried]: Oh, man...

[CaT]: Edgelords...charge!

[Ahmad]: Long Live the Ultra Singularity!

[Cut to Yopo and Bat watching from a platform as the two armies scream their battle cries, as they collide.]

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Act V: Final CountdownEdit

Confederation of Scidra
Scidra Outskirts Now

[Ulti, Brandon and Nicholas hastily run up some stairs. Brandon is panting, and he arrives first outside the Scidra pyramid.]

[Brandon]: Alright.. what now?

[Ulti]: I honestly don't even know anymore...

[Nicholas]: Where do you think the Admins are?

[Brandon]: I was hoping they'd come looking for us, not the other way round...

[Ulti]: They probably had a lot on their hands. That's alright. We all get too busy sometimes...

[Nicholas]: The best thing we can do is to teleport over this Slenderforest. I'm not sure we can handle another batch of slenderbeasts. Can you do that?

[Ulti]: I... I hope so..

[He presses a button on his teleporter, and it activates. The three teleport, and arrive outside the Slenderforest, on top of a building.]

[Ulti]: Alright, well... My teleporter's fried. Its not supposed to teleport this many people over a whole forest...

[Brandon]: And what now..?

[Nicholas]: I have an idea.. If we edit, some people will come looking for us...

[Brandon]: Could be some factions...

[Nicholas]: It's worth a shot...

[He puts his palm on the ground, as he summons a boulder.]

[Nicholas]: Now we wait.. Either the Admins come find us, or the factions come get us.

[Ulti]: Uh guys, I don't think the factions are ready to fight us anytime soon...

[He points over the roof, where the armies of the Ultra Singularity and the Edgelords are clashing.]

[Nicholas]: Woah.. That sounds like a lot...

[Brandon]: We are royally screwed...

[A flash appears next to them, and Toon is shown teleporting next to them.]

[Ulti]: Toon! So glad to see you!

[Toon]: Me too, buddy...

[They fist-bump, and Brandon and Nicholas look over at him.]

[Toon]: Where have you guys been?

[Nicholas]: Scidra captured us. Where have you been?

[Toon]: Ugh, we should have known...

[Brandon]: What happened?

[Toon]: I went to the Ultra Singularity. They were the ones with the best tech, but they captured me.

[Ulti]: Where are Yopo and the others now?

[Toon]: Probably looking for more neutrals... How did you guys escape?

[Nicholas]: Primal of the Edgelords saved us... Speaking of whom, how are they doing right now?

Confederation of Scidra
Scidra Outskirts Now

[Primal, Aaron and Nas are running away from Shahzeb, Dyten and Mattimeo, and they run down a hallway.]

[Aaron]: Ugh, this is the worst day of my life...

[Shahzeb appears in front of them, slashing with his keyblade. Primal slams him away with a rusty fan, knocking him into a wall..]

[Nas]: Come on guys, let's get going!

[They continue running downstairs. Dyten runs down towards them, and Aaron quickly fights against him, sword-fighting with his gun.]

[Aaron]: If you hadn't went to free the prisoners, Primal, we wouldn't have been in this sticky situation anymore...

[Primal]: Its not right to leave neutrals captured, you know!

[Aaron knocks Dyten aside, and they continue to run.]

[Nas]: I wish I didn't come with you two weirdoes... All you do is bicker!

[Aaron]: You shut up! All you do is complain, and this guy over here is a superior idiot! I'm the only sane person here!

[A beep is heard, and Aaron answers his earpiece.]

[Aaron]: Alright, base can teleport us now. But they will take us to a different assignment.

[Nas]: Different?

[They suddenly teleport, as Mattimeo throws a device where they were, and it explodes.]

[Shahzeb]: They're gone.. again..

Towards the Uncharted Lands
Scidra Outskirts Now

[Paper, Ren, Mig, and Dakota run up near a ledge, and they look down that, seeing the battlefield.]

[Ren]: Woah, what's happening here...

[Mig]: I have no idea, bro.. No idea...

[Dakota]: What do we do now?

[Paper]: We must find Ulti. He is our best bet at stopping this.

[Ren]: I'm not sure guys.. If my faction is fighting here, I must go help them...

[Dakota]: Doesn't your hard singularity head work? Or did all the metal enhancements burn away your brain? This isn't about factions anymore! BTFF itself needs us!

[Mig]: Wait, bros... Is that Yopo?

[Paper immediately takes Ren's gun and shoots a flare upwords, alerting Yopo and Sixef. Yopo sees them, and clicks a button on his teleporter, teleporting next to them.]

[Yopo]: Mig! It's good to see you!

[Mig]: Good to see you too, bro...

[Yopo, glancing at them]: You two.. Aren't you faction men?

[Ren attempts to speak, but Dakota shuts him off.]

[Dakota]: Some things are more important than which leader we follow right now..

[Yopo nods, and looks over to Paper.]

[Yopo]: You.. Paper.. You're alive...

[Paper]: I've always been alive. I just lost faith in this pitiful war. Where's Ulti?

[Yopo]: We.. didn't really free him..

[Toon teleports Ulti, Brandon and Nicholas in with him, and they appear.]

[Ulti]: That wouldn't have been necessary.

[Mig]: Nice. You all ain't dead.

[Nicholas]: Commander Paper. You're alive.

[Paper]: I was never dead. Duty called. Had to come out of hiding. Good to see you back, though. I thought you two died along with the others at Mod HQ.

[Brandon]: I was sort of demoted before that, and Nicholas here resigned a few hours prior...

[Paper]: Good to see some old comrades are still around.

[Ulti]: So... Can someone tell me what's going on?

[Mig]: Duncan's back. And this time, he's leading a troll army to kill all of us.

[Brandon]: Oh crap...

[Yopo]: I talked to Cat, and he agreed to send an Edgelord army to stop Duncan, but the Ultra Singularity attacked them...

[Ren]: Yeah, sorry 'bout that, guys...

[Ulti]: We're running out of time.. We need to do something..

[Paper]: Here's an idea... Ren, take Ulti and go talk to Ultra. He'll listen to you.

[Ulti]: Alright.

[Yopo hands Ulti his teleporter, and he Ren teleport out.]

[Paper]: Meanwhile, me and Toon and Dakota go talk to the Confederation of Scidra. Sci and I are long overdue on a long talk.

[Toon]: Alright, I got a teleporter.. But it's probably gonna be fried by the time we get there.

[Paper]: So be it. Yopo, Mig, you two stick around here.

[Toon presses a button, and he, Paper and Dakota teleport out.]

Neutral Lands Rooftop
Scidra Outskirts Now

[Aaron is watching the armies clash from atop a building. He grins, watching as Ultra sentries engage Edgelord tanks.]

[Rob, offscreen]: You like seeing this don't you?

[Rob walks in, watching the scene.]

[Aaron]: Yes.. I like seeing people fight.. Fight like animals brutally.. Killing for a cause they barely acknowledge anymore...

[Rob]: But this is pointless.. None of this needs to have happened... We needed to head out and fight the trolls... This is bad..

[Aaron]: Relax, Robby, you were always too dang soft.. Such a little pu-

[Rob slaps him, and points his head at the field.]

[Rob, violently]: Don't you freaking see it? We are dying out here! Everyone we know is getting slaughtered..

[Aaron, angrily]: Take. Your. Hands. Off. Me. NOW!

[He turns around and punches Rob in the face. Rob recoils, then goes for a kick, hitting Aaron's gut.]

[Rob]: I can't believe I ever fought next to you before..

[Aaron]: Don't have to do that anymore..

[They both pull out their guns simulatenously, pointing at each other.]

Confederation of Scidra
Scidra Manor Now

[Sci, is sitting with Echo and Reo, studying a map of the base.]

[Sci]: How in the name of Scillumination, could three lone Edgelords, sneak into our base, past the slenderforests, navigate the pyramid maze, free our prisoners, beat us up, and get out while staying one hundred percent safe?

[Reo]: The Edgelords are superior combatants, they are trained in most forms of martial arts.. Even Primal, their fan fetishist knocked out Echo.

[Echo]: It was a dirty, sneak attack. Completely void of honour.

[Dyten knocks on the door, and walks in.]

[Dyten]: Guys, we got visitors..

[Toon, Paper and Dakota walk in, with Paper unsheathing his sword.]

[Sci]: Paper...?

[Dakota]: Sir, we got news and-

[Paper]: Sci, what the hell happened to you?

[Paper walks towards Sci, but Echo pulls out his keyblade and steps in front of Paper, while Reo jumps from behind him and holds him at blade point with his katana's.]

[Reo]: Not another step...

[Toon]: Guys, stop! We aren't here for that. Sci, we need your help.

[Sci]: Oh? Is that why you came with your swords unsheathed?

[Dakota]: Sir, please. Hear us out.

[Echo]: Why are you even with them, Dakota? Are you betraying us?

[Dakota]: No! Look, the trolls are coming, and the Edgelords were tyring to stop them, but Ultra Singularity engaged them. Its all a big misunderstanding!

[Sci]: Trolls are never a big threat. Either the Singularity or the Edgelords will defeat them, or they will kill each other and them. It doesn't matter.

[Paper]: Even if Duncan is leading them?

[Sci]: Duncan? He's back?

[Toon]: And he's gonna kill us all. If you don't put your efforts along with us, there won't be a world left to save when the dust settles...

[Sci falls silent.]

[Reo]: Sir...?

[Sci]: Let them go, Reo.

[Reo removes his katana's from around Paper.]

[Sci]: Dyten, prepare the army. We're heading out. 

Neutral Lands Rooftop
Scidra Outskirts Now

[Aaron and Rob have their guns pointing at each other, ready to fire.]

[Aaron]: Only one of us makes it out of here, Robby...

[Rob]: Remember when you weren't such an arrogant jerk? I don't remember either.

[Aaron]: You never really had a good edge, Robby... Here, I'll give you one...

[He pulls out a knife and thrusts at Rob, who swiftly dodges, dropping his gun. Rob goes for a kick, swinging his foot at Aaron's face, and kicking him in the nose. Aaron groans, slashing at Rob's gut with his knife, cutting pieces of his edgy grey jacket.]

[Rob]: All this time, you were only in this for yourself!</p>

[He kicks Aaron's hand, knocking out the knife, and goes to strangle him. Aaron punches him in the face, and swiftly pulls up a gun, aiming it at Aaron's face.]

[Aaron]: You were a weed, a poisonous leechy weed, an edgeless excuse for an Edgelord. And I'll be the one to remove the weed. Say goodbye, Robby.

[Cut to Rob's face, as a gunshot is heard. We pan out to show Rob holding his other gun, aiming for Aaron's leg, having shot it. Aaron falls off his feet, and lands on the ground.]

[Aaron]: You little piece of sh-

[Rob fires again, this time shooting him in the face.]

[Rob]: Oh god...

[He drops his gun, and collapses.]

[Among the crowd, Nas and Wat are fighting back-to-back, randomly shooting bullets from their guns.]

[Wat]: So, how's your day been going?

[Nas]: One of the worst ever. Since the day dad sent me to summer school when I was twelve.

[Wat]: Not so nice, now, was that?

[Nas]: No. Now shut up and keep shooting!

[Thax is shooting blasts from his blaster, and Clara keeps dodging swiftly.]

[Clara]: Nope, missed. Missed. Man, you wouldn't hit a five hundred mile wide wall if your life depended on it

[Thax]: Knock it off. Or you'll regret it deeply.

[Clara]: Oh? What are you gonna do? Outsmart me to death?

[Thax]: Why you little-

[Creeper lands in front of him, having been knocked aside by Primal's fan.]

[Creeper]: What the hell man, that fan's weaker than my grandma's old broom. And that's saying something.

[Primal]: Don't you dare insult my fan! HIYYA!!

[He presses a button on his fan, and it explodes, knocking him out.]

[Creeper]: ...and they say I explode without harming anymore. Sheesh.

[A huge earthquake is heard, and the fighting stops briefly, to look up and witness the troll horde arriving, with Duncan, being 12-feet-tall shown leading them. The two armies are quickly pushed backwards by the fresh force of trolls, each wearing whatever clothes they like.]

[Duncan]: And thus I bring upon doomsday! People of BTFF, prepare to be cleansed!

[Ahmad and Cat stop fighting and look up, seeing Duncan approaching.]

[Ahmad]: Oh uh..

[Cat]: I told you we had to do this, man. I told you we had to do this!

[Mig and Yopo teleport in next to them, as they witness Duncan incoming.]

[Mig]: What's the plan?

[Voice]: Ultra Singularity, stand down!

[Ultra appears, riding on a mechanical dragon.]

[Ultra]: Today, the factions fight together!

[The Ultra Singularity roars, screaming out, as they charge at the trolls.]

[Ultra Singularity Army]: Long live the Ultra Singularity! Long live the Ultra Singularity!

[Ultra himself teleports in front of Duncan, opening fire from his massive visor, hitting him in the chest.]

[Ultra]: Wouldn't let you do that, now, would I?

[Mig, Yopo, and Cat teleport next to him, all in a battle stance.]

[Yopo]: On my mark, we attack!

[Mig and Yopo take out their ban hammers, and run towards Duncan, going to strike. Duncan swats them aside, then gets hit with a grenade from Cat. He takes the blast, and survives, punching in front of Ultra, creating a small shockwave.]

[Mig]: Bros, this dude is powerful!

[Yopo]: Duncan! Stop this at once!

[Duncan]: You all are pitiful! I will destroy you all!

[Ultra opens fire with his gaint laser arm, hitting him straight up.]

[Mig stands behind him, and lifts up his banhammer, as it supercharges with energy. He strikes Duncan from behind, as the banhammer causes a hard burn against his skin. Duncan growls, and turns around to face him.]

[Duncan]: Did you just try to ban me?

[He enlarges, growing rapidly in size, holding Mig up in his hand.]

[Duncan]: So proud of your pitiful rights! Let's see how you far you can go when you lose your precious starpower!

[He puts his hands against Mig, whose eyes widen in horror, as his skin begins glowing white. Mig's Admin armor fades, as he drops his banhammer, it falling on the ground, being too heavy. Mig collapses on his knees in Duncan's hand.]

[Yopo]: No!

[Duncan grabs Mig and throws him over. Yopo swiftly edits the terrain, summoning a huge trampoline below Mig, that slows his fall, and he lands safely. Camera cuts to Mig who closes his eyes, outcold.]

[Yopo]: Mig!

[The ground suddenly rumbles, as everyone turns around to spot the Scidra Army approaching.]

[Scidra Army]: Hail Scidra!

[Reo, Sci, Echo6, are shown riding ahead on a chariot, with the bulk of the Scidra army behind them. Toon, Paper, Dakota, Dyten, Shahzeb and Mattimeo. Paper jumps off his chariot, and fires cables, then swings off on them. Dakota and Dyten swing their swords left and right, smashing some YJ clones. Shahzeb leaps out, and stabs his staff into the ground, creating a shockwave, while Mattimeo starts editing the terrain, causing Ernief clones to fall itno the abyss.]

[Ultra and Cat turn around to see the upcoming army. Cat has a wide grin.]

[Ultra]: Oh yes! I haven't been so happy to see Scidra before! You, Titan, shall embrace your downfall!

[He turns to face Duncan, but a stabbing noise is heard, and Duncan's claws are revealed to be piercing through Ultra's body. Cat gasps, with Yopo's eyes widening in shock.]

[Ultra, weakly]: No.. But I.. I'm.. superio..

[Cat gasps, as Ultra falls down the ledge, his corpse plummeting down to the middle of the battlefield. Duncan roars, as the entire battlefield stops, staring at Ultra's cybernetic corpse.]

[Duncan]: I, the Reawakened Titan, have killed one of the primary warmongers that trashed my world. He has perished beneath my feet. And now, I shall bring on judgement day upon all of you, with your warmongering leader as your example.

[Ahmad looks downwards, furious. Ren is in shock, witnessing his downed leader on the ground. Ulti runs up a building, and sees Duncan towering over them.]

[Duncan]: So far, Chaturn has been your haven, protected by the Admins, untouchable. But no longer. For now, I shall mount my greatest assault, and shoot down the pitiful planet out of the sky, and bury you all under its rubble!

[Toon looks up, as all of the trolls begin glowing. Duncan raises his fist upwards, as the entire army of trolls teleports out with him, leaving the users in bewilderment, as Cat looks on to his downed former rival.]

Act VI: Under SiegeEdit

Neutral Lands Battlefield
Scidra Outskirts Now

[The scene is opened from the POV of Mig, as he slowly opens his eyes, seeing Yopo standing over him.]

[Mig, rubbing the back of his neck]: What...happened...

[Yopo]: Duncan messed you up pretty bad. He teleported himself and his army to Chaturn.

[Mig]: Bro... feeling so...weak...Why?

[He notices his banhammer nearby, grabs it and tries to lift it, yet it stays down. Mig, surprised, tries to lift it with both hands, grunting as he does so, to no avail.]

[Mig, struggling]: Why...can't...I banhammer?

[Yopo]: I think.. that when Duncan attacked you, he...demoted you. And with all the crats dead, there is no way to reverse the process. I'm sorry, Mig.

[Mig let's go of the banhammer, and falls on his knees. He then turns his head towards Yopo.]

[Mig]: This is the end, isn't it?

[Yopo]: I like to think there is still hope and I choose to have it as long as I can, you know... Come, let's go regroup with the others..

[Mig]: I need sometime alone, bro..

[Yopo nods. Meanwhile, Ultra's corpse is shown, grievous wounds having been inflicted on his torso. Ahmad, Ren, Thax, Creeper and a few Ultra Sentries gather around him.]

[Ultra Sentry]: No vitals detected. The master is deceased.

[Ahmad, clenching his fists]: This wasn't supposed to happen...

[Ren, his visor glowing with crimson energy]: Of course it wasn't! When I get my hands on Duncan, I'll carve Ultra's name on his corpse!

[Thax]: If the Great Ultra fell in battle, what hope do you have slaying this monstrosity, Commander Ren?

[Ren stands in silence, not responding back.]

[Creeper]: I suggest we head back to the Citadel and form a plan. Standing out here in the open leaves us vulnerable.

[Ahmad]: No. Our priority is retrieving Steve, Curtis and Sixef from the Edgelords. They are at their weakest right now.

[Creeper]: Which we can do after-

[Ahmad, raising his voice]: No. From this point on, I will assume leadership of this faction and I say we go save the others. We need all the manpower we can get.

[Thax, frowning]: I do not like your tone, General Ahmad. You seem to forget that you caused this pointless battle! You caused us to clash with the Edgelords, needlessly! You caused us to be even weaker when Duncan arrived!

[Ahmad]: I'm the best available choice. The worthiest choice, as Ultra would say.

[Ultra Sentry]: This unit disagrees with that statement. The worthiest shall forever be the Great Ultra, King of the Exodus and the Exiles, the Worthy Above All, in life and death.

[Thax]: What the bucket of bolts said.

[Ultra Sentry]: This statement is offen-

[Ahmad, enraged]: Now is not the time for arguing, Thax!

[Ren, worried]: Guys, come on...

[Thax]: No! In case you have forgotten, this faction is named the Ultra Singularity. Ultra is our leader, not you!

[Ahmad]: Was our leader. We are wasting time. I'm going to rescue the others, with or without you!

[He activates his jet boots, launching himself away from the battlefield.]

[Ren, sighing]: I have to follow him, guys.

[Creeper]: So you're gonna bail on us too?

[Ren]: It's not like that. Look, we can talk about this later...if we survive this whole mess.

[He flies off, after Ahmad. One of the Ultra Sentries approaches Ultra's corpse and carries it over its two arms.]

[Ultra Sentry]: This unit will deliver the master to the Citadel. It would be wise to converse with the other faction leaders and reach an agreement.

[Creeper]: I suppose it is the rational choice.

[Thax]: Long Live the Ultra Singularity.

[Ultra Sentry]: For the glory of the Great Ultra.

[The sentry flies off, leaving Thax and Creeper alone.]

[Creeper]: Do you think we'll live through this, Thax?

[Thax]: Ultra saved us back when the Exodus happened for a reason. We will not fail him.

[We switch to Rob, who wakes up to CaT standing above me.

[CaT]: Rob, what happened. You look like total wreck.

[CaT notices Aaron's corpse, blood leaking out of a hole in his forehead. Next to Rob lies a discarded pistol.]

[CaT, his pupils dilating]: Aaron...Rob, what the hell happened here?

[Rob, weakly]: Boss...?

[CaT, raising his voices]: You killed Aaron! You killed an Edgelord!

[Rob, standing up]: It was self defense! Aaron wanted to-

[CaT, enraged]: I don't care who started it! You two always had your disagreements, but I never thought it would go this far!

[Rob]: Do you think I wanted this to happen? The moment I pulled the trigger-

[CaT]: -was a moment too late and now, Aaron is dead! As if we hadn't had enough losses this day.

[Rob, confused]: What are you talking about?

[CaT]: Ultra is dead! Duncan just stabbed him with his bare claws!

[Rob]: W-what?

[CaT]: Do you understand now? We are being slaughtered left and right and unless we act soon, BTFF will be history!

[Rob]: No, no, no...How could this-

[CaT]: As much as I hate to say this, we'll deal with this later. We need everyone on this one.

[Rob]: No, I can't do this. I'm done.

[CaT]: What the hell are you saying? You can't back down!

[Rob, furious]: I can and I will! I have had enough of this, CaT. All this carnage, all this misery and death, I'm sick of it.

[CaT]: Maybe you didn't hear me, but we will all die if we-

[Rob]: What's the freaking difference? We were already going to kill each other even if Duncan hadn't shown up! He only sped up the inevitable.

[CaT]: You can't seriously believe that. We need to-

[Rob]: I don't care what you think!

[The two Edgelords stare at each other, silence between them.]

[CaT]: I see it was a mistake coming here. (turns around) Goodbye, Rob.

[Cat leaves, dragging Aaron's corpse. Rob sighs, sitting down.]

Neutral Lands Cliifside
Scidra Outskirts Now

[Sci is standing in awe on top of a cliff. He watches, as the people below quickly hurry to salvage the place after the battle. He sighs, and sits on the clifftop, watching.]

[Reo, offscreen]: Boss?

[Reo is revealed to be behind him, along with Paper, Dakota, Shahzeb, Mattimeo, Dyten and Echo.]

[Paper]: Sci, thank you for bringing the army when we needed it.

[Sci]: What's the point? It's over anyway. When Chaturn crashes out of the sky it's game over for us.

[Dakota]: We can still go and help the others. We can do it.

[Sci]: There is no point in that. All we can do is watch Ulti and Yopo try to devise a plan... and fail. 

[Echo]: Lord Scidra, this is our best bet. If we don't do this now, no one can.

[Paper]: Sci, why the hell can't you see it?

[Sci]: I realised that.. all we ever did, all we ever wanted.. Was it worth it? Our friends died for this cause, we were thrusted into a civil war, and now our creator turned against us, and killed our friends in his rage.. No, Paper, I see what you mean now..

[Sci gets up, and leaves.]

[Shahzeb]: Boss-?

[Dyten]: Let him go... He needs time.

[Reo]: Until then, I think we should go help the others.

[Dakota]: Agreed. Let's do this.

[Mattimeo]: Very well. Here we go.

Neutral Lands Battlefield
Scidra Outskirts Now

[Cat, Clara, Nas, WaT and Primal, along with Thax, Creep, Bat, Brandon, Nicholas, Ulti, Toon, and Yopo are meeting in the middle around a fireplace.]

[Primal]: What? So, we're just gonna accept these two as part of us?

[Thax, annoyed]: We are here to do what is to the benefit of the world. We plan to do the best we can do.

[Ulti]: I agree with them on this. We should give them a chance.

[Nas]: Whatever. So what will we do here?

[Creep]: We can follow them to Chaturn...

[Thax]: The Ultra Singularity previously worked on finding a way to destabilize the sock cloning process.

[Yopo]: That would be a great idea. We can utilize that, and then fight the trolls with this.

[Toon]: I doubt we can teleport all of these people.. Admin-issue teleporters can only teleport up to four people, across a certain distance before they fry...

[Brandon]: ...unless I upgrade them.

[WaT]: You can do that?

[Brandon]: Sure. I was the Adminship's inventor before the war.

[Thax]: I'll help. I'm a technology expert. And I should not be taken lightly.

[Yopo]: Okay, here's my teleporter.

[Toon gives them his, and Yopo follows suit. Ulti awkwardly looks at his fried teleporter, and Brandon nods. Ulti hands it over.]

[Bat]: And I got Mig's.

[Nicholas]: How?

[Bat]: Long story.

[He hands over Mig's teleporter.]

[Thax]: If you want, we can use the Ultra Singularity lab.

[Ulti]: Will Ahmad allow that?

[Creep]: Ahmad is currently busy looking for Steve, Curtis and Sixef. We know the entrance access codes...

[Mattimeo, Dakota, Paper, Shahzeb, Dyten, Echo and Reo walk in.]

[Mattimeo]: Wait up, you guys are going to an Ultra Singularity lab?

[Brandon]: Yeah...

[Creep]: Hey! What gives? Why are you guys coming in?

[Reo]: We suggest a truce with you all. As the acting leader of Scidra, I want to speak with.. whoever is leading you guys as a whole right now..

[Yopo/CaT, in unison]: That would be me.

[Everyone turns to look at them, dumbfounded. Ulti coughs, and Cat looks at the ground.]

[Yopo]: Wait, no. I'm leading this now. And we welcome you Scidra people among us, atleast until this ends...

[Creep]: We're letting these people join us?

[Dakota]: What? You have a problem with that? You guys need all the help you can get!

[Cat]: He's right. Alright, Reo, you and your guys can come with us.

[Creep]: No way. These people are murderers. We all know that Scidra was the one who started the bloodshed in the first place!

[Reo]: We were friends before all this started, the least you can do is be friends with us again in this time!

[Nas speaks up, and everyone turns to look at him, surprised he is speaking.]

[Nas]: The weirdo is right, this is no time for pointless fighting.

[Echo]: Hey! You can't go calling Reo a weirdo! 

[Creep]: I can call him worse than that! He's a war criminal! They all slaughtered people among us! Especially Ultra. They were all coldblooded murderers!

[Dyten steps up, pushing aside Echo and Dakota.]

[Dyten]: You do not understand. The battle scars we have, are not skin deep. War changes us, and we have to change with it, or DIE and be forgotten among the dust and ashes of the battlefield. We will NOT be honoured as heroes. All we ever know, is that we have a cause. It is what makes us who we are. It is what makes us do the things that we do. We are all murderers, but hell, even we were murdered on the inside, when this all began. If you want us to pay, fine, then we will be charged with war crimes. Those who started the war will be charged with war crimes. Hang the leaders if you will, but now is not the time to fight about it.

[The scene is silent, and Cat exchanges a nervous glance with Yopo, who doesn't look at him.]

[Toon]: Alright. When the battle ends, the war leaders will be tried by Adminstrator law, and we will give them the necessary punishment.

[A huge round of applause is heard, and as it dies down, Reo nods, knowing he will be tried as well. He glances at Cat, then steps up.]

[Reo]: So be it. What's the plan?

Neutral Lands Encampment
Scidra Outskirts Later

[Mig is sitting by nearby his banhammer lying on the floor, watching it. Ulti walks over to him.]

[Ulti]: Hey, how are you doing?

[Mig]: Not fine, bro.. Not fine...

[Mig stares at his banhammer again, unsure.]

[Mig]: Did you ever feel like...? Like all you ever were good at, the whole bro that you are, is gone, and all that's left is... Ashes, dust, nothing important... Just a shell of the bro you were..

[Paper, offscreen]: I know how you feel there. I've been to it.

[Paper walks in, and crouches next to Mig.]

[Paper]: I haven't lifted my banhammer in a long time, and sometimes I feel like, my hands are no longer the same as they did.. But I gave up my banhammer. I knew that if I continued to lift it, and all I could do with it is fail and watch my friends fall for a cause I don't believe in, then I'm better off without it. I gave it up.

[Mig looks at his banhammer, and nods. Paper walks off, and he nudges Ulti, inviting him through.]

[Paper]: Ulti, a word.

[They move to a quiet spot.]

[Paper]: I need you to find someone.

Neutral Lands Encampment
Scidra Outskirts Later

[It is almost dawn, several hours later. Around a campfire, Yopo and Toon are sitting, with Cat and Reo beside them. They have a map of Chaturn with them, and are inspecting it.]

[Yopo]: We won't have many forces, because most of us are gone... We can't have much Ultra sentries to support us, but Thax says he can rewire some of them to respond to his command. But no more than twenty he can control at once...

[Reo]: Lord Scidra had entrusted us with some of his magic, and me and Echo both know a few spells that would summon slenderbeasts when we need them.. We might be able to provide about fifty..

[Cat]: You are welcome to have all of our tanks, we have about thirty of them. Should provide a good hitsquad.

[Toon]: No.. This won't work, we're gonna need more than that...

[Brandon and Mattimeo walk in, holding teleporter belts. Ulti sees that, and walks over to them.]

[Brandon]: Alright, we upgraded the teleporters to have a better power source... They should be able to transport up to seven people at once at a much higher distance.. Well, if its blank space you plan to cross, then it'll work better.

[Ulti]: I remember before the war, we had teleportation chambers all the way to Chaturn, and people used them all the time..

[Mattimeo]: Well, yes, we did indeed. But, those were abolished with the destruction of Capital City in the war. We can't salvage them.

[Brandon gives Toon a teleporter belt, then hands one to Yopo, and the third to Ulti. He gives the fourth--Mig's-- to Cat.]

[Cat]: How are the antidotes going?

[Mattimeo]: Well.. I was afraid you'd ask that question..

[Brandon]: We spent a lot of the night working on these teleporters, and there isn't much time left to finish the antidote before the battle, even with the Ultra Singularity tech.

[Mattimeo, under his breath]: And Thax's arrogance is preventing us from using a lot of that tech...

[Cat]: Nevertheless, we'll do it. We move at sunrise.

Neutral Lands Encampment
Scidra Outskirts Sunrise

[Reo, Cat and Toon, in full armor, step forward, and Dakota, Echo, Creep, Clara, Nas, Wat, Dyten and Shahzeb follow suit, standing behind them. Behind them are some tanks and Ultra sentries.]

[On the other side, Paper, Mig and Yopo gather. Ulti and Nicholas stand nearby.]

[Cat]: We know this won't be easy for you. You're gonna collaborate with those you fought earlier. You're gonna fight side by side with those who had done you wrong, we know...

[Reo]: ...But the time for holding grudges is not now. Right now, we all need to stand up and do what we could for our world. We can't keep fighting each other and tearing the world apart, we need to fight for our world!

[The crowd roars in applause, amidst cries of "Hail Scidra".]

[Toon]: Yopo, Mig and Paper are going to the Wikia Central City. They will attempt to have their support.

[Clara, under her breath]: It's not gonna work...

[Wat nods. Ulti sees that, and steps forward.]

[Ulti]: They'll try. They'll do what they could.

[Yopo]: Meanwhile, Ulti and Nicholas will stay here in the Wikilands to protect Thax, Brandon and Mattimeo as they work on the new antidotes.

[Toon]: But the bulk of the work will be on us. We will go to Chaturn, and fight with all we have against the trolls. Who is with me?

[The crowd roars in applause, amidst cries of "Hail Scidra" and just roaring.]

[CaT]: Off we go!

[He and Toon press buttons on their belts, as the entirety of the soldiers, the tanks and sentires teleport out.]

[Mig visibly has bags under his eyes, and is wearing an orange jacket over his black shirt, his Admin armor noticeably gone. Yopo turns towards him and Paper.]

[Yopo]: Now, comes our cue.

[Mig]: How are we gonna do this, bro? Will they listen?

[Paper]: This time, we know what to request them to do.

[Yopo nods, and Mig walks over with him. Paper turns to look at Ulti, who is looking at the ground. Paper nods to him, and Ulti nods back.]

[Yopo presses a button on his belt, and he, Paper and Mig are teleported out.]

Wikia Central City
Wikia Galactic Empire Now

[The Wikia Empire stands across many planets, with the central city standing tall atop the Wikia primary world, a world between the empire's stretched worlds. In the futuristic Wikia Central City, two towers rise up in a magnificent white marble city, and in their midst is the building that gathers all the staffmembers of Wikia.]

[Floating orbs travel by, and atop a white platform, Mig, Yopo and Paper teleport in, with Yopo firmly holding his banhammer.]

[Mig]: So this is the Wikia Central City.

[Paper]: That on the right is Contribution Guidance Tower, and that on the left is Community Assembly Tower..

[The three walk down a white staircase down their platform.]

[Cut to the three going into an office. A secretary is busily taking calls, and writing things on a clipboard. Mig, Paper, and Yopo walk in. The secretary ignores them, until Yopo clears his throat.]

[Secretary]: One second Jenny... (presses a button on her communication device) How can I help you?

[Paper]: We want an audience with Senator Brandon Rhea.

[Secretary]: Senator Rhea is a busy man, he won't be able to see you now. How about an appointment in two hours?

[Yopo sighs.]

[Mig]: That won't work! Come on, we really need to meet him, its urgent..

[Secretary]: Alright, if you have any questions concerning the Wikia Empire, I might be able to help, I have some authority myself. If not, you can use the contact board right over in the lobby..

[Paper]: This is a matter of life and death. Our fellow wiki users are walking towards a slaughter if we don't interact with him!

[Secretary]: I am sorry, I can't-

[Brandon Rhea, offscreen]: It's okay, they can come in.

[He is standing near at the door.]

[Secretary]: But sir, your next appointment-

[Brandon Rhea]: Is not as important. If this is an urgent situation, I'd like to hear them out..

[She nods, and Yopo, Mig and Paper head over to him.]

RUINS OF Hangout Bay
Planet Chaturn Now

Cut to the battle ensuing between the users and trolls. The camera focuses on Reo fighting Ermacpunk. Reo hits Ermacpunk with his katanas, but he manages to dodge. Ermacpunk kicks Reo in the stomach, making him fall back, dropping his katanas. The former tackles him to the ground and puts his foot on his chest.

[Ermacpunk]: What a leader you turned out to be. Goodb-

[Echo6, offscreen]: Solvas!

Ermacpunk begins to dissolve into nothingness as he looks at his fading body.

[Reo]: (coughs) Thanks.

They hear some growls from the nearby trolls. Echo6 looks around and sees the Ernief clones closing in on him.

[Echo6]: Reo, run!

[Reo, getting up]: I'm not-

Echo6 pushes him out of the way as the trolls jump on top of him in a large pile, muffling his screams from under them. Reo motions to help him, but stops when Echo6's screams die down. He runs away from the troll horde, bowing his head in respect to Echo6.

Act VII: FalloutEdit


Neutral Lands Battlefield
Scidra Outskirts Now

[Cut to the remains of the Admin HQ, with the users sitting on makeshift chairs nearby.]

[Ulti, speaking into the podium]: ...It has been a long hard day, my fellow users. We are just on the last days of a great war that pit brother against brother on BTFF.

[He surveys the audience, where the remains of the user body are sitting.]

[Ulti, speaking into the podium]: And by indulging in this bloodshed, we left ourselves vulnerable to an attack by our creator...

[He sighs, as he sees some YJ clones being behind bars nearby.]

[Ulti, speaking into the podium]: BTFF had fallen into its darkest hours. And only our union was able to stop all of this.

[Nicholas, Bat and Brandon are noticeably some of the few sitting comfortably beside each other in the center, while most users are divided it seems.]

[Nicholas]: Dank.

[Ulti, speaking into the podium]: We had many sacrifices. Many people lost their lives today. Good people.

[Cut to Cat, a tired Reo, Sci and Rob sitting behind bars as if in a court trial.]

[Ulti, speaking into the podium]: The Great Ultra, who marched with his army... albeit with some misunderstandings, but he was the first victim who died fighting Duncan in his rampage.

[Creep smiles, looking at the ground.]

[Ulti, speaking into the podium]: We will remember Echo, who took the bullet for his friends, and died to make sure the troll hordes never destroyed Chaturn.

[Reo nods, and Sci keeps looking downwards.]

[Ulti, speaking into the podium]: We remember Aaron, who died a mysterious hero against Duncan, and he was the pioneer among us in combat.

[Rob's eyes widen, and he turns to CaT, who is giving a knowing glare.]

[Ulti, speaking into the podium]: And finally, we will remember Toon, who died heroically fighting the troll hordes at Chaturn, leading the army. The Last Chatmod he was, the last Guardian of Chaturn, the last of the Admins to show what it takes.

[Mig is holding Toon's extra hammer, and he sets it down, looking at it.] [Ulti, speaking into the podium]: They have all done what they could. They were heroes. And now it is up to us, the New Admins, me, Mig, and Yopo, and whoever the fourth we decide to promote among us. We are going to be BTFF's leaders. It has been a long war, and a lot of us died. And we will honour that.

[Cat has a worried look, as Sci murmurs to himself.]

[Ulti, speaking into the podium]: The new Adminship bureacrats have decreed war criminals Cat, Sci, Reo, Rob Ahmad, as guilty of war crimes, use of weapons of mass destruction, and we sentence them to be banished to the Uncharted Lands. Let them live the last of their days, with their guilt.

[The audience begins murmuring, with Shahzeb casting a worried look towards Sci. Dyten rolls his eyes, and silently walks off.]

[Sci walks over silently to Ulti, and Ulti nods, giving him a microphone.]

[Sci, into the microphone]: If the admins allow it, I'd like to say a word...

[The audience murmurs again. Reo walks to the side, as Mig and Yopo prepare to take away the prisoners once they are done.]

[Sci, into the microphone]: I realize now.. I realize how hard and painful this war was. And I know that... All Toon ever wanted was to bring peace, and now, all we can do is try to bring his wish to reality.. All of our fallen comrades, fell for this. Hard feelings were ever felt, but there isn't much we can do anymore.. And not particularly if we kept at out old ways.. I hereby announce the collapse of the Confederation of Scidra, and I denounce all practices, beliefs and tactics formerly used by the Scidra Confederation.

[Shahzeb gasps, but then looks down at the ground. Dyten watches from the shadows.]

[Sci, into the microphone]: I am the one who ended the Golden Age and brought the Age of Division. And now, I intend to end the Age of Division, but it is up to all of you, Admins, to bring the next Golden Age... to bring about.. the Age of Unity.

Mid-Credits Scene Edit

[The abandonded Ultra Citadel is shown. Though largely unscathed by the war, it was now devoid of life, whether organic or robotic. This wouldn't last for long. Three men, clad in armor, quickly land in front of the Citadel's entrance. They are Thax, Steve and Sixef. Thax rushes to open the gates, storming inside, the others trying to keep up.]

[Steve]: Thax, slow down! You didn't tell us what-

[Thax, hurrying]: Someone has invaded my lab! I got an alert from my signal watch!

[The trio keep running, eventually reaching the room that used to be Thax's laboratory. Written pieces of paper were tossed around, several robotic limbs were missing and furniture were turned upside down. Only some weapons mounted on the wall remained intact.]

[Thax, his pupils widening]: No, no, no! All my hard's...

[Sixef]: We must find out who did this at once. Though, I have a likely list of suspects...

[A loud, clicking sound is heard, startling the trio. Alarmed, they turn around, onky to find a gold Ultra Sentry standing in the corner, connected with a cord through the back of its skull to some machinery next to it.]

[Steve]: I thought all the sentries were deployed during the bomb strike...

[Thax, confused]: They...were...

[Suddenly, the sentry raises its head, its eyes and mouth glowing crimson red, along with smaller lights distributed all over its metallic chassis.]

[Sentry]: Upload...complete.

[The sentry grabs the cord and detaches it, causing a few drops of pink fluid to leak. It turns its head slightly to the right, observing the buffled trio, then marches towards them.]

[Sixef, worried]: Thax, shut it down!

[Thax, pushing buttons on his gauntlets]: I'm trying! It won't respond to any of my commands!

[The sentry enlarges its mouth, firing a blast of pure crimson energy at the trio. Steve quickly rolls to the side and activates his staff lightsaber. Sixef fires at the sentry with his blaster, though it doesn't flinch. Thax runs towards the wall, unmounting a battle axe with a crimson energy blade and lunges at the sentry, which raises its right hand, keeping him at bay with a magnetic pulse. Steve rapidly spins his lightsaber, slicing the sentry's left arm. The latter retaliates by snatching the axe from Thax's grip with magnetism, then swings it at Steve, who instinctively puts the staff in front of him to block. The axe ends up cleaving his lightsaber in half, causing it to short circuit and explode, knocking him to the wall, before falling unconscious. Sixef fires shorts bursts of energy from his visor, but the sentry throws the axe at him, pinning him to the wall. Thax grabs small bombs from his utility belt and throws them. Expecting an explosion, the sentry steps back, only to find out that they were smoke bombs, which soon engulf the whole room. Switching to infra-red vision, the sentry tries to pinpoint Thax's location, but to no avail. Once the smoke clears out, the sentry grabs its severed arm, reattaches it and retrieves the axe from Sixef's wounded shoulder, who falls down grunting in pain. The sentry hits Sixef with the blunt end of the axe, knocking him unconscious as well. Just as it prepares to leave, it notices a dark red torn piece of curtain, lying on the ground. Inspecting it, it grabs it and fashions itself a makeshift hooded cloak. Staring at a nearby mirror, axe in hand, the camera zooms in further and further until we see a closeup of its eyes, burning bright red, before the screen cuts to black.]

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