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Blaze of Glory is an upcoming series by Ultra3000 and Aaronbill3. While not directly related to the main Ben 10 story, it uses elements from the franchise's mythos. It takes place on Earth-3210.


On a distant alien world called Numeria, a freak meteor shower disturbs the relatively normal life of its inhabitants, ravaging the forest located near the capital city of Lumenor. From the ashes and molten metal, a Pyronite rises, unsure of his own identity, who is captured by members of Emperor Tidas' elite guard. Imprisoned and forced to compete in gladiatorial matches, the Pyronite, soon referred to as "Fireborn", makes allies and just as many enemies, on his quest to regain his freedom and maybe make Numeria a better place in the process.

Episodes Edit

Episode 1: Fire in the Hole Edit

Episode 2: Trial by Fire Edit

Episode 3: N/A Edit

Episode 4: Sparking Interests Edit

Episode 5: Blood in the Fire Edit

Characters Edit

Main Edit

  • Fireborn
  • Rainox
  • Astrapia
  • Korisan
  • Stellar

Supporting Edit

  • Vril
  • Mell-Kith
  • Unnamed Vesuviusapien Guard

Neutral Edit

  • Sadocris

Antagonists Edit

  • Tidas
  • The Countess
  • Unnamed Erodinian Spy

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