Everyone is gathered in front of a grave, including Fred, Pip along with Blank's family.

Blank’s Father: ... Does anyone have something to add?

Fred: I do. At least, I think I'll go first. Blank was a friend.

Blank’s Mother: *sniffle*

Fred: I can remember the day the two of us first met at the League of Paradoxes. No one could have ever guessed at the time that we would ever get along together. We were complete opposites. I was the quiet, serious one. He was the angsty teen and a terrible prankster. We were really a terrible match for each other. We should have been sworn enemies really. Each of us had our own issues to deal with... and yet we still became the very best of friends. I think that's the most important thing to say about him.

Blank’s Mother: *sobs*

Pip: In all times, on his journey wherever he went, even if it might not have always been... required, he was a good friend to everyone that was important to him.

Blank’s Mother: *falls on her knees and weeps uncontrollably*

Pip: Loyal from the beginning... right up to the very end.

Everyone leaves one by one, except for Pip and Fred.

Pip's last words to Blank...

Pip: Hey... You know... I'm not good at goodbyes either. It's not that I wouldn't be able to find the words for it. I just... I just don't really like them. It's strange... right now, memories are flashing by my eyes, flooding my mind. A flood so strong, it hurts. But I'm not about to die or anything. And it's not my life I'm seeing, it's... It's our adventures. And now... it's coming to a close. That's why... *sobs* T-That's WHY... I-I want to s-SAY THANK YOU! It was fun... It was so very, very fun to go on adventures with you... Thank you.

Fred: Here...

Fred gives Pip the Omnigizer. Pip places it in front of the tombstone.

Fred: Take care, Pip.

The scene switches to Fred sitting alone, contemplating the endlessly stretching plains that gave off a beautiful red as the sun had started setting.

Fred: Blank died because of me. I couldn't protect him. From now on, I'm going alone, and I'll probably die alone. No one will see me, no one will know. Nothing will be left behind. That's how I'll die. No one will ever get hurt because of me ever again.

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