Bran 10!

He's a kid and he wants to have a fan

But if you need a super hero, he'll show up in a van

Bran 10!

He has popcorn that he grew on a farm

He kicks you off of cliff but not with his arm

He's super awesome at signing theme songs

And beats up everyone who wrongs!

Bran 10!


He reappears everywhere

Like a subliminal Snow Bear!

Bran 10!


  • Bran Stark: Awesome guy, son of Tony Stark, whose signature move is kicking people off a cliff. He is known for humor, and creates awesome theme songs for stuff. He's pretty smart and wealthy. He has:
    • Summoning awesome pictures and videos
    • Reappearing
    • Iron Bran suit
  • Agent Brandon Maulder: Bran's alter ego who is a themed Agent detective like in the X-Files. He investigates stuff.