Diamondhead vs Chromastone is the first (and only) rap battle made by Ultra3000.

Rap Edit







Ha! Look at this scrawny loser,

Try to rip me off? Out of your mind, poozer!

Lemme be crystal clear, you'd better beware,

'Cause I'll beat you faster than I owned Malware!

Time to face facts: I'm the head of the franchise!

A real OG; more Fame than you'll ever realize!

I'm a paragon of heroism with a lantern jaw of justice,

You're just a rock with all the colors of the iris!

I've gone toe to toe with Eon, you were beaten by a mollusk,

Is it too late for you to give up, I must ask!

Chromastone Edit

Look at this crystal-headed dolt,

OG? You were almost replaced by Cannonbolt!

How am I a ripoff when you stole my appearance,

You've just started a Vendetta, I hope you have insurance!

Speaking of appearances, I surely didn't miss

How you've started wearing yellow, the color of cowardice!

I go from ultraviolet to ultraviolent, like Clockwork,

I spread havoc, spitting fire like a Wigsilian Org!

My bars will shatter you harder than Echo Echo,

When I'm finished, you'll be like Goop; a pile of jello!

Diamondhead Edit

Tell me again, who defeated Vilgax?

Here's a hint: The one from the same species as Tetrax!

While you only appeared three times in Omniverse,

And I still haven't heard you drop a good verse!

Here's a little Feedback for your trouble:

Leave now, or get turned into a pile of rubble!

'Cause now your Secret's out: no Perfect Day or happy ending,

Once I disintegrate you like the Sorcerer's Engine!

Chromastone Edit

I'll fly, leave you Grounded, standing in shock, dumbfounded,

I fought Diagon; thanks to me, the universe was founded!

You're nothing but a joke to me, just like Cash,

You may be immune to aging, but I'll still turn you to ash!

I am holding the crystal that could save your whole species,

Before I break it, they may say their dying wishes!

So it's high time you started paying me a tribute,

'Cause my rhymes are colder than your ice powers in the reboot!




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