General Information
Species Ignis Morguelis
Body Humanoid with feline features
Powers and abilities
Abilities Flame projection
Fire breath
Propulsion flight
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Strength
Equipment X-Morpher Jumpsuit
First Appearance TBA

 Firebrawl is an alien transformation accessed by Ahmad XV and stabilized by his X-Morpher. He is an Ignis Murilegus from an unknown planet.


Firebrawl is a six feet tall humanoid with pink skin. He has a red patch of skin over the left side of his head in a scar like fashion. He has glowing red eyes, and a nose-like extension on his face. He has cat-like ears.

He has organic cannon-like appendages on his shoulders. These have a black cloth around these except for the port, leaving it exposed. 

He has two holes in the palms of his hands, in shape of circles.

He weas a red mask that covers only his mouth, extending into an scarf-like cloth around his neck.

He wears a black jumpsuit with red patterns all over it, exposed at his hands, and in certain other places.

There is a a disk with an x symbol on his chest. The left and right of the disk in respect of the X are black, while there are glowing red patches below and above his X, similar to a red peace symbol.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The insides of Firebrawl are pure lava-like liquids. He is able to channel these to keep his body temprature high, making him immune or atleast resistant to drops of temprature

Firebrawl's arm ports and shoulder cannons are able to project out the lava-like flame inside him, to be projected in a flame-thrower like fashion.

Firebrawl is very agile, and is excellent in hand to hand combat. He is capable of running on all fours at great speeds.

Firebrawl can project his fire downwards to acheive propulsion, and thus, fly.


Firebrawl is not immune to fire, and his flesh can actually burn if subjected to extreme lava.

Firebrawl can't hold a long stream of fire and will need some time to recharge his flame. The expense of this is possible death, due to the depletion of his inner fire.


Firebrawl's name comes as a portmanteau of Fireball with the word brawl instead of ball.


  • The initial idea for Firebrawl was to make him similar to Blaze from the Sonic games. However, this was abandoned in favor of giving him fire projection and other weaknesses.
  • The series that he appears in has yet to be revealed.
  • Despite being a fire alien, he is vulnerable to fire.

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