Hydra v Scidra: Prelude to End



Hydra v Scidra: Prelude to End is the first movie in the Civil War Cinematic Universe. It will combine elements from Ben 10, MARVEL and BTFF. It will air on September 5, 2015. It will be written by StreetMAhmad15 and Sci100


The movie was first hinted on a blog concerning the future of Sci100 Studios. The writers have been working on this massive project since late 2014. A special announcement that will reveal the storyline to some extent will be made in the form of a blog in Early April.


When the Omnitrix crash lands on Earth, the Scientific Community and Inspecting Department of Remarkable Anomalies, or SCIDRA, the terrorist organization known as HYDRA, and the government organization dedicated to protecting the world known as SHIELD, get involved in an all-out war between SCIDRA and HYDRA, with SHIELD's very own Agent Striker working to stop the chaotic battle plaguing the planet before the very device each side is fighting for leads to a great cataclysm.


The movie will be split in 11 chapters.

  • And Then There Was War
  • Meet SCIDRA
  • Enter the Vault
  • Abandon All Hope
  • Codename: Striker
  • SCI-100
  • Scientist 100, Streetmaster and Striker
  • End of War
  • Vengeance of Red Skull
  • Avengers Assemble



  • Streetmaster
  • Red Skull
  • Others


  • Scientist 100
  • SlenderBen
  • Others


  • Striker
  • Nick Fury
  • Others

Fan ListEdit

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  • According to the writers, it will be there greatest project yet.

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