• Chronoblitz: He is a grey skined humaniod alien and has a funny personality. He has chronokinesis, can teleport and create force fields.
  • Sheath
  • Boltstrike
  • Nullblade
  • Blazecat
  • Ecto-Skull: He looks like a skeleton with a hemet and horns coming out of it. He is engulfed in Ecto energy. He cam manipulate ecto energy, bones, turn hand into messile launchers. His messile look like small skulls lit a blaze. (I saw his species in my dreams. :P)
  • Geowolf: He looks like a white werewolf with silver armor. He has glowing skin and a light aura. He has geokinesis (The boulders he left has white light energy aura), photokinesis and limited gravikinesis.
  • Pump-Skull: He looks like pumpkin monsters. He has green mana and chlorokinesis.
  • Illusior: He has large wings. He can create illusions and feeling inducement.

More will be added (I forget them, lol).