• Ultimate Mudmind: Ahmad's Cadacusapien ultimate form.
    • Telekinesis
    • Mind Reading
    • High Intelligence
    • Confusion Blasts
    • Pain Resistence
  • Ultimate Striker: Ahmad's Human ultimate form.
    • Same as Ultimate Ben
  • Striker XV (1500)
  • Bob 27 (27)
  • The Ahmad 15 (40)
  • Dark Essence/Dark Ahmad (666)
    • Xhadam: Ahmad's Heartless-esque dark heart
  • The Unyielding Shadows
    • Xhisneus (Zis-nus): Darkness
    • Ilax (Aye-lacks): Nothingness
    • Saix (Sah-yicks): Chaos
    • Vexanald (Veg-zenald): Black Hellfire
    • Xhaosmus (Jao-osmus): Dark Earth
    • Lhuxabald (Lucks-sa-buld): Mini-Darkness
  • Operation: Dark Age
    • Unyielding Shadows' operation, of using the Umbragen crystals to form a darkness shield and block the sun, causing a total solar eclipse, and rebirth Darkseid.

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