1. Brachiopine: A long necked dionaur-like alien with stripes like a zebra. He is immune to gases. He is Busholdier's predator.
  2. Rubbardeidae: A Heron-like alien made out of rubber, that can absorb in water and spit out in streams. It can fly and breathe underwater. He is ConDuckt's predator.
  3. Cawmodore: He is a cowmmodor-like alien. He has skin made out of Polymers, this renders Orcatide's attacks useless, as water turns to solider upon contact with his skin. He can fly. He is Orcatide's predator.
  4. Sharkiopine: a floating metal shark with thorns all over him. Predator of Opticus.
  5. Muttackle: Predator of Cat-a-pullt.

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