• Ash (Heatblast): Red head, ember eyes, tan skin, and some awesome demeanor.
  • Ed (Rath): Motorbike guy, rash and aggresive personality, has green sleeveless shirt, is muscular, has facial hair, and a bit messy brown hair.
  • Stuart (Upchuck): Short, fat guy who is always eating.
  • Karltikeya or Karl (Four Arms): Native American descendant, strong, musclar and Clayton's rival.
  • Clayton (Humungousaur): Tan skin, musclar, huge sized, and harsh personality. 
  • Bob (Grey Matter): Short, thin guy who is bad-luck attracting.
  • Eddy, Chris, Owen (Echo Echo): Nosey and Loud triplets.
  • Vicktor or Vick (Frankenstrike): Dies quickly. Hates being called Vicktor or Vicky.
  • Percy (Water Hazard): Dumb, energetic, and adapts easily to change. He is the UA guy.
  • Hale (Swampfire): green Methanosian-like arm. He is the AF guy and Ash's rival.
  • Proffesor Phileas (Brainstorm): smart proffesor guy. He hates being called Phil.

More ideasEdit

.the battles wouldnt take place in the real world, but in an alternate dimension of some sort. basically when it's time for battle, they hear a voice in their heads telling them to transform and stuff...and after they transform they can teleport to the alternate dimension. but the fight doesnt always take place there, they will sometimes fight in the real world too.