Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse takes place two years after a heavily-altered version of Omniverse. Ben and Gwen are now 18, while Kevin is 19 and Rook is of an unknown age. While things have been great for Ben, Gwen and Kevin, an evil version of Ben from Dimension 21 begins an invasion to conquer all alternate timelines, and they are partnered with Rook along the way. With Ben getting a new Omnitrix, will his team be able to stop bigger threats coming their way? Stick around to join Ben and his team as they embark on life-changing adventures.

The series takes place in Dimension 0 of Earth-50, and is part of Ben 10: Omnifinite.

It was created on the 22nd of April 2012 by UltiVerse, but rebooted on 26th of September 2014. The older episodes are confirmed to remain as they are in a special section in the episode guide, and will not affect the timeline at all.

Theme Song

Fan-Made Episodes

Fans can make their very own fan-made POTO episodes! Make yours today!


  • Keep your grammar at its best.
  • As the series is kid-friendly, try to keep your episodes at TV-Y7-FV. However, if you wish to make your episode TV-PG or higher, please inform the creator.
  • Try not to drift away from the continuity.
  • Have fun!


Fan Art

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