[The Users have gathered up on Chaturn ready to face the trolls. The Leaders are infront ready to attack.]

[Toon]: How are we gonna get the antidote to them? We inject one of them, it keeps him from cloning, but there's a whole army of them.

[Cat]: We just have to try our best.

[Reo]: I might have an idea

[Toon and Cat look at Reo]

[Reo]: i still have my 5 other accounts. i could act as a sock and infiltrate them and then release the antidote from the inside.

[Toon]: How is that any different

[Reo]: Becuase i would inject Duncan himself. The antidote would be carried out on all the trolls, that way keeping them all from cloning. i'll have 5 accounts, Duncan wont be able to fight against all that antidote.

[Cat]: That's pure suicide!

[Reo]: I'm gonna be on trial anyways. I Rather die as a somewhat hero, than be beheaded infront of all of BTFF. Plus, ther's still a dark past you guys don't know about me, nor do you want find out.

[Toon]: Are you sure?

[Reo]: Do you have a better plan?

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