General Information
Species Velocitronian
Body Humanoid with motorbike features
Powers and abilities
Abilities Super Speed
Limited shapeshifting
Creation of Static Electricity
Equipment X-Morpher Jumpsuit
First Appearance TBA

 Sideswipe is an alien transformation accessed by Ahmad XV and stabilized with his X-Morpher. He is a Velocitronian from the Planet Velocitron.

Species CultureEdit

Sideswipe's species are a friction-controlling automaton-based species who have evolved into life from cybernetics. They are a culture based on speed.


Sideswipe takes the appearance of a robot, wearing the red and black X-Morpher suit that helps stabilize his transformation.

Since reacting with Earth technology, he has begun to exhibit wheels from his feet, which he can pull back into his body and transform into regular feet.

He has two blade-like appendages coming out of his arms, which he can also pull back into his body and transform into regular hands. The tips of these blades are blunted however.


Sideswipe is able to manipulate the friction around his body, to decrease it and have more speed, or to increase it and create static electricity.

He is able to run at superhuman speed, reaching up to a hundred miles per hour as his highest recorded speed. However, being able to decrease friction allows him to reach speeds like two hundred and fifty-eight miles per hour on occasion.

Sideswipe has limited shapeshifting, able to transform parts of his body.

Sideswipe is able to transform his hands into long blade-like appendages, which he can use for longer reach and attacking with precision. 

Sideswipe can transform his feet into wheels and back at will. 


Sideswipe's primary weakness is water; He can't run on slippery surfaces, and he can't run on water either like other speedsters.

Sideswipe is always creating static electricity, which makes him accidentally hurt allies and causes him to electrocute himself if he touches water.

Sideswipe can be magnetized with ease.

Sideswipe can exhaust himself greatly if he runs at very high speeds. He might also die if he goes too fast.

Sideswipe's blades are blunted generally, so his ability to pierce and stab things is limited.


As heard in the first episode, Sideswipe's name comes from his ability to swipe a hit from the side.

His name is based off the act of theft done by thugs on motorbike vehicles. His motorbike appearance is based off that.


  • While thinking of how to design his appearance, I discovered that there already was a transformer called Sideswipe, so I seeked inspiration for his appearance based off the transformer called Sideswipe, while amplifying the motorbike theme in his appearance.
  • Sideswipe is not able to defy physics by running up surfaces or across water like other speedsters.
  • Sideswipe's planet and species are based off the speed-oriented cybertronian colony from Transformers: Exiles with the same names.

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