• It was pretty important, mostly about rebooting the series. To summarize the meeting (I'll make sure to add important details):

    • Ulti is thinking of rebooting the series. The series, as it is right now, resembles Arrow in that Ben is stranded on an island (according to Ulti, it's good) but the overarching storyline doesn't make much sense. Ulti needs our help though, to pitch in for the reboot!
    • For the reboot we'll have to go through our plans and stick with that.
    • We were deciding whether or not to reboot the series on chat, I said yes, and Waybig left.
    • Ulti and I started outlining. Magnus will be kept in the series, and the series will be a personal journey for Ben. It'll also be a self v self-centric plot, meaning Ben will be facing his internal struggles. He'll struggle with the question if he's a hero, and the main villain would defeat Ben to prove that to Ben, leading to him developing and growing.
    • Will be titled "Ben 23: Hero's Journey".
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